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Autism & PDD Problem Solving

About Autism & PDD Problem Solving

Tasks help students develop problem-solving and reasoning skills.

Buddy Bear products have a huge following among speech-language pathologists and early interventionists for the proven techniques they use to improve communication skills in children with autism spectrum disorders. Use Buddy Bear to help students develop problem-solving and reasoning skills.
Learning strategies in the app target the unique learning needs of children with autism and developmental disabilities:

  • simple, predictable language
  • uncluttered illustrations
  • reassuring audio narration
  • open-ended responses

Children choose the correct answer with an easy one-click response. Back, forward, and repeat arrows provide easy screen navigation. The stories are fully narrated and a friendly “Good job!” reinforces correct responses.

Skills Developed

  • Solving a Problem - answer “what” questions to solve problems
  • Cause and Effect - answer a "why" question to determine cause and effect
  • Predicting - infer and predict what Buddy Bear is going to do based on the items he has
  • Sequencing - identify Buddy Bear’s next step
  • Comparing - identify how two items are the same
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