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Autism Core Skills is a comprehensive academic and social skills practice system designed for students with autism. The app employs best educational practices to provide scaffolded learning experiences in math, reading and social skills for autistic students of any age working on preschool through first grade level skills.

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Autism Core Skills is an innovative educational platform built by autism experts. We are on your team to ensure every child with autism reaches their fullest potential!

Features of Autism Core Skills

Skills: Our lessons teach both academic and social skills, from preschool through first grade Common Core standards. Academic lessons cover reading and math skills such as colors, shapes, rhyming, spelling, and addition. Two-player social lessons cover the communication skills of expressing preferences, staying on topic, and categories. Games teach students to share, take turns, and follow rules.

Themes: We engage students by using high interests themes in our lessons. You can choose from animals, trains, sports and many more themes to make learning fun.

Autism Best Practices: All lessons are embedded with autism best practices like: errorless learning, discrete trials, and visual lists and counters. All lessons are adaptive and adjust in difficulty so students are always learning at their optimal level.

Data: Data on all lessons is automatically recorded and displayed in informative and intuitive graphs and charts. Data can be shared and printed from within the platform.

Printable Curriculum: We provide a free printable curriculum to help generalize the skills students are learning on the iPad into the real world.

Collaboration: Each paid account comes with a free collaborator account to ensure continuity of learning. A collaborator could be a teacher, parent, grandparent, or anyone else that is invested in your student’s learning. Homework is automatically assigned to collaborators, and data is synced between the two accounts.

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