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About Autism ABC App

Autism ABC App is the first app entirely dedicated to the world of autism, designed and developed for educators in this field and parents of autistic children. Excellent for both entertainment and therapy hours.

Autism ABC App Review

About Autism ABC App  

Autism ABC App has been designed dedicated to the world of Autism. Using the educational method, Autism ABC App seeks to address the impairments associated with autism through fun and engaging games and activities.  

What is Autism ABC App? 

Autism ABC App uses collected data from games and activities to support the development of cognitive skills over time. The app tracks progress to see how effective each activity or game is at developing these skills.  

What we love about About Autism ABC App 

I really like the fact that the app works both as an educational tool and can aid soothing when a child is dysregulated. Autism ABC App is easy to set up and allows for different profiles to be created-This is an excellent feature which allows you to determine ability level by type of autistic need. Once you have set up your profile you are presented with a visually pleasing menu of activities and games. You may also use the ‘DIY’ area which contains a wonderful selection of hands on activities and recipes-I have not seen many apps that provide this feature which is a brilliant addition to a great app. An additional section on Natural Environment Teaching (NET) is coming soon which can only enhance this app further.

Each of the games are visually stimulating and engaging. A variety of cognitive and motor planning activities are available covering all learning areas. Teachers or parents can determine the difficulty level before the game starts and progress is tracked over time. Autism ABC App also automatically increases or decreases difficulty by analysing the behaviour of the user.

The data recording feature is excellent and allows you to see exactly where the user is progressing and where gaps in learning are. Using this feature when meeting with parents is particularly useful in planning next steps as progress charts are produced to highlight areas for development. The settings allow you to turn off sound, speed up or slow down voice speed and change voice tone. Any issues or suggestions you may have can be emailed to the developers from the settings area also.

What skills does it improve? 

Autism ABC App develops and improves logical, cognitive and motor skills.

What age is it appropriate for? 

Visually, the app is aimed at children. However, Autism ABC App is perfectly suitable for older users with complex needs working at a lower cognitive ability.

How will students benefit?

The students will benefit from a well-planned and motivating app that will support in their cognitive development.  

How will teachers benefit? 

Teachers can use Autism ABC App to clearly identify gaps in learning for their students by first using the app to assess where these gaps are. They then can plan next steps in learning through effective use of the games and activities.  

How will parents benefit? 

Parents can use the app to gain a deeper understanding into where development gaps are. This information can then be shared with teachers, support workers and therapists to inform their work.

What can Autism ABC App do to improve?

Very little, the app is a fantastic tool for all educators working with young people with autism. Further activities and games that are regularly added to increase the content would be great.

How much does Autism ABC App cost? 

Free 7 day trial followed by premium price of £4.99 monthly or £33.99 annually. This represents fantastic value for money considering the amount of activities available.

Is Autism ABC App safe to use? 

Yes, the app is safe to use without any safeguarding concerns.

Overall rating of the app

Autism ABC App deserves the 5 star rating gained. A wonderful app!

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