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Auryn Ink

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Auryn Inc.

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Publisher's Description

Auryn Ink is a revolutionary application that creates the authentic simulation of watercolor painting intuitively and easily. Auryn Ink's features provide everything a watercolorist needs to create, export and share beautiful works of art on the iPad. Now you can generate complete paintings with the touch of a finger (or brush or stylus!) anytime, anywhere.

Key features:
★ Choice of paper and canvas (wet or dry)
★ Brush size selection
★ Brush pressure effects: controlled using the speed of the stroke gestures
★ Full color wheel of paint color choices
★ Ability to blend pigments and allow for paint to "air dry" or dry instantaneously
★ Paint and water level controls: concentration or water dilution
★ Ability to lift color with water

Latest reviews:
★ "There are painting apps for the iPad, and then there's Auryn Ink." - Fast Company
★ "The intuitive and easy to navigate Auryn Ink supports the creative urge of the artists by allowing them to create paintings with the touch of a finger anywhere at any time." - TMCnet
★ "Auryn Ink does a great job of simulating watercolor on paper and is a fun way to quickly experiment with various colors, brushes and more." - Today in Art
★ "Once you feel the canvas absorbing your paint, actually sucking it into the porous fabric, you will understand why this app shines." - SAHGeekMom
★ "There are a multitude of options artists can utilize that will bring this experience as close to really painting with watercolors that one can get without paints and paper, my favorites being how the colors blend and overlap like one would find while working with water colors, as well as how gravity affects the paint, having it run if the iPad is tilted." - 

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Users from around the globe:
★ "The most realistic water colour art app I've ever seen! You paint a stroke on the canvas and watch it animate and dry into the canvas/paper. Blends colours together beautifully!" Jan 14, 2011, Australia
★ "Merveilleuse app qui reproduit vraiment bien le rendu aquarelle, avec la possibilité de gérer l'humidité et la secheresse à la fois du pinceau mais aussi du papier." Jan 3, 2011, France
★ "I like watercolours and this app made a great opportunity to keep it with me on my way. It is very realistic and quite convenient." Jan 3, 2011, Russia
★ "Though it has no fancy UI, the app itself is amazing. I can feel the natural wetness of watercolor in this app." Dec 30, 2010, Indonesia

Please rate and review the app. Your feedback means a lot to us!
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