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About Aurasma

Aurasma is an augmented reality platform that is free of charge for educational and personal use. 

Aurasma is not a full, immersive AR experience, but a versatile tool to overlay physical spaces, print and e-publications with additional information. These overlays can consist of audio snippets, questions and writing prompts, videos, and data charts. All Auras are placed in a channel, and readers/subscribers of this channel will only see the auras specific to it.

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Aurasma is the industry-leading augmented reality app that’s changing the way millions of people see and interact with the world. In fact, it’s the only mobile app that lets you create and share your own augmented reality experiences!

• Bring tagged images, objects and even physical locations to life with interactive digital content, such as video, animations, and 3D. These augmented reality experiences are called Auras.
• Look out for the app’s ‘A’ logo in magazines, posters, books, apparel, product packaging, and much more! Wherever you spot the ‘A’, there’s an Aura for you to discover. Simply open to the app’s viewfinder (bottom-center menu button) and point it at your target to unlock the experience.
• Browse the Explore and Featured sections of the app to find the latest and most popular Auras.

• Use the simple step-by-step creation wizard within the app to make your own Auras and share them with friends and other Aurasma users.
• Build Auras using your own photos and videos, or alternatively, select from thousands of digital animations available on the platform. Most popular user-generated Auras include adding 3D dinosaurs to your street, sending a video message on a greetings card, leaving hidden clues in a treasure hunt, or adding information to classroom materials.

So get started now. What’s your Aura?

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