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Assembly - Graphic design for everyone

About Assembly - Graphic design for everyone

Assembly - Graphic design for everyone is an app that allows anyone to become a graphic designer, regardless of experience level. The app is spectacular to look at, the tutorials give anyone a basic grasp of how to make a simple design, and everything is organized well and easy to use, all while being a powerful tool in your pocket. This is a great graphic design app for anyone, from newbie to professional. The users could also try Shapes, where they can search nearly 200 shapes that would progressively build their amazing design. The app users can generally rotate, resize, layer, group and rearrange any of these exclusive shapes to incorporate them into your sensational design. If you’ve been wanting a powerful app for designing on-the-go, then Assembly will be your new go-to app.

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  • Assembly - Graphic design for everyoneAssembly - Graphic design for everyoneAssembly - Graphic design for everyoneAssembly - Graphic design for everyoneAssembly - Graphic design for everyone

Publisher's Description

Assembly is the easiest most powerful design tool on the App Store. Create anything you can imagine like beautiful logos, characters, icons and illustrative scenes immediately. Professional level tools in a simple package that anyone can design with.

Designing something beautiful is as easy as placing premade shapes on the screen. The artwork you create can be exported as high resolution images or vector objects that can be blown up to any size. From T-shirts to posters or even billboards.

Assembly has a vast library of shapes that easily snap together to create anything you can dream of. Smart guides makes positioning shapes easy and precise. Infinitely zoom into the artboard for even the most detailed artwork.

Choose from professionally selected color palettes for perfectly balanced designs or create your own using the powerful color selector and eyedropper tool. Customize each shape’s fill and opacity, stroke style and color, add a shadow or glow.

Get professional results using powerful tools found in high-end design suites. Design quickly using features like copy, flip, and rotate, as well as multi-select and grouping. Simple gestures for size, position and rotation.

Backup and sync your projects across your iPhone and iPad with iCloud integration. Collaborate with friends and send your project files via email, AirDrop, DropBox and other favorite communication and storage tools.

Assembly features:
- Over 180 shapes included
- Even more themed shape packs available in the in-app store
- Smart snapping for easy shape placement
- Multi-select and grouping
- Copy, flip and rotate shapes and groups
- Fill, stroke, and shadow options
- 20 pre made color palettes
- Custom color palettes
- Eyedropper color tool
- Use colored or photo backgrounds
- JPEG and PNG output up to 4096x4096 pixels
- Save as transparent PNG
- SVG vector output
- Assembly project file output
- Sync projects across devices with iCloud
- Get started with 15 easy-to-follow tutorials
- Continuously updated Inspirations section

* Shapes from the Robot and Nature paid packs were used in some of the artwork in the screenshots.

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