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About AskUltra: Entrepreneur Mentor

AskUltra app is a guide and support tool for teaching kids about business and entrepreneurship. It provides knowledge and encouragement for children who are interested in turning their ideas and skills into a business either now or in the future.

It is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app is free to download and the full content is available by taking out a subscription.

AskUltra: Entrepreneur Mentor Review

What we love about AskUltra app

The AskUltra app is not approaching its aims from a standing start. Its design and content are laid upon foundations built through real hands-on experience in working with kids in various settings. It addresses topics and skills that are best taught by those with relevant entrepreneurship experience - something few teachers will have.

It is great to look at AskUltra's social media pages to see the opportunities and encouragement that it has provided. Young entrepreneurs are shown being, quite rightly, proud of what they have achieved and online kids business fairs have been facilitated.

What skills does it improve?

Think of all of the aspects of starting a business that you can. If you have never done this yourself, you've probably missed a few. AskUltra covers these in podcast and video formats. An artificial intelligence-driven chat-bot customises children's routes through the content so that they can follow their current interest and spend their time on what is most relevant. Even to young entrepreneurs, time is money!

What age is it appropriate for?

There is something to learn for everyone in the AskUltra content but it presents its information at a level that children in primary school and above can follow.  

Is AskUltra app easy to use?

AskUltra uses familiar methods of interaction. Its users will have no problem navigating through the different sections and using the features.

How will students benefit?

The teaching content is well presented. The presenters are friendly and keep the topic relevant and at a suitable level.  

One of the presenters is school-aged himself and he provides a warm and friendly presence to welcome young viewers. His enthusiasm and contributions provide an inspirational model for AskUltra's viewers.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers often have to learn new topics before they teach children but entrepreneurship is a bit different. Firstly, it is an experience-based topic and secondly, there is very little in the way of learning materials for teachers to base their lessons around.

The content and guidance provided by AskUltra app will not only make up for these limitations in teachers' knowledge but tailor teaching to individuals in a way that a single teacher at the front of a class cannot.

How will parents benefit?

Parents want the best for their children. Not only do they hope for their children to lead prosperous lives but also happy ones.

For some children, a prosperous and happy working life will best be achieved by giving them the knowledge, skills, resilience and confidence to build their lives around doing what they most love. AskUltra helps in this regard.

What AskUltra app can improve on

AskUltra is a new offering from an established company. Looking at the dates that content has been added, it is growing the content rapidly and its plans include broadening the type of content too. Yet, at the moment, it feels like it is a little too limited - particularly as the chatbot will guide users to the most relevant content meaning that not all of it will be needed by each user.

It would be better, too, if AskUltra served its videos from its own servers rather than going through the services of YouTube. The enticements of this site form a distraction at odds with the aims of this app.

AskUltra also offers human support as part of its chat function. At the time of review, this did not sem to be being monitored, although this might have been an aberration to the norm. Certainly, the AskUltra social media support shows examples of users who have made use of this facility.

How much does AskUltra app cost

AskUltra is fully accessed through a subscription after a free download. A year's subscription works out cheaper than a monthly one.  

Before you take out the subscription you can use a free 7-day trial. This gives you and your child plenty of time to assess the app's long-term usefulness to you both.

Is AskUltra app safe to use?

The chatbot aspect of AskUltra should not put parents and teachers off. The app's developers have ensured that the chats are on secure servers and there is no facility for chats to break out of the app's structure and involve other parties.

Some of the video content does take children to YouTube. AskUltra's content is perfectly safe and appropriate but parents and teachers should have spoken to children about the appropriate use of this video service for all uses - not just those prompted by this app.

Overall rating of the app

At the time of review, the available content for AskUltra feels a little limited for a subscription app. However, its current trend and aims suggest it will rapidly expand.

As a free trial makes the app fully accessible for 7 days, you can consider the amount of content for yourself at the time you are reading this review of AskUltra.

AskUltra's 4-star rating reflects its contribution towards filling a neglected aspect of children's education and the promise the app holds as it develops.

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