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About Asana

Asana is great as a project management solution, especially when working with teams. However, it isn't great at being a task manager/to-do list application for managing your own individual tasks.

Asana has given me a streamlined method for managing projects and delegating tasks to other individuals. Viewing the status of a task that has been delegated is simple and I also receive notifications when a task is completed. Recurring tasks and simple task delegation make it easy to manage weekly tasks/projects and stay up to date on who is accomplishing each task and whether it has been completed. Asana is available through a web browser and a mobile app, with support for both Apple’s iOS and Android. 

Asana Review

Asana is considered one of the most flexible and customizable productivity tools out there. This tool introduces automation to simplify team project planning and task management. Users include giants like NASA and Salesforce. 

Function: Large scale project planning, student planner apps, collaboration and workflow management

Cost: Free basic version for up to 15 members; $11/user/month for the first upgraded tier

Asana offers a variety of collaboration features, especially in the paid tiers. With Timeline, you can create Gantt charts and keep your team on schedule. Add team members to specific projects with varying levels of editing privileges. It is one of our recommended timeline apps.

What is Asana used for?

From managing the work of a whole team to handling your personal daily tasks, Asana does the job. Whether you are running a marketing agency with remote workers or a brick-and-mortar shop selling computers, this project management tool can be irreplaceable for organizing and making sense of daily tasks.

Within your company, or for your own task management needs, you can create a variety of Asana projects that are dedicated to specific aspects of your activities. Let’s see how to use Asana to manage projects.

Features and Pricing

It has three payment options: a basic, free version with limited access to features and paid Premium and Enterprise tiers.

The free tier supports up to 15 team members, with access to limited dashboards and search functions, as well as unlimited task projects and conversations.

The Premium level costs $9.99 per user per month when billed annually and adds features such as admin controls and single sign-on; it also lifts restrictions on the use of dashboards and team size.

The Enterprise plan offers more advanced admin controls, custom branding and same-day support. There are also added security and data protection features, including data deletion and cross-regional backups. Prices, depending on which features are included, are available upon request.

Asana Pros and Cons

After doing some asking around, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons according to what Asana users had to say: 


  • Timeline view makes managing dependencies easier
  • Modern, streamlined interface design
  • Has email integration capabilities
  • View your personal tasks as well as group tasks all in one place
  • Color-coded calendar syncs with all your tasks
  • Gives the option of switching between list, board, and calendar layout when viewing workspaces to fit your preferences 


  • Doesn’t offer a product tour upon onboarding
  • While you can have multiple collaborators who can view a task, you can’t assign it to multiple people for completion. 
  • Won’t show all tasks across different projects due on the same day in one place. 
  • The text-based structure of Asana doesn’t appeal to everyone, particularly those who are more visually oriented. 
  • Asana doesn’t have time tracking or budget tracking features, so you’ll need integrated software. 

Want an Asana alternative?

Check out other iPad productivity apps. With so many distractions in the digital workplace, it is beneficial to use a tool like Asana.

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