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About ArtWorkout: Learn How To Draw

ArtWorkout: Learn How To Draw teaches kids and adults how to draw specific pictures and more general concepts like perspective in drawing. Recent updates to the app have added cursive writing and letter formation. 

Kids of any age can use the app. It is available on iPads and is enhanced by using an Apple Pencil, although owning one is not strictly necessary. A free seven-day trial lets you try the app out, and a subscription extends the app's use beyond this.

ArtWorkout: Learn How To Draw Review

What is ArtWorkout: Learn How To Draw app?

ArtWorkout teaches its users how to draw specific pictures and technical aspects of drawing that apply to all sorts of visual arts. This app only works on an iPad—iPhones would be too small and lack the facility to use an Apple Pencil. 

ArtWorkout is usable just using the touch screen, but, as you'd expect, fingers don't have the precision to get the best results. A cheap stylus could help, but an Apple Pencil really brings out the full potential of this excellent app. 

The responsiveness and accuracy of an Apple Pencil, combined with ArtWorkout's natural-feeling drawing tools, allow for some superb artistic output and creative learning. 

What we love about ArtWorkout.

ArtWorkout is an app with long-term appeal. A look at its update log shows that its developer keeps growing it and adding new things to learn and practise. Each category of subject matter has a healthy selection of activities that will keep learners progressing. 

As kids practise with this app, they'll be developing skills that they can transfer to traditional media. Whether they are replicating an image they have drawn in the app or applying a more general concept they have practised, their skills in drawing should improve. 

It guides would-be artists using animations and written explanations. Whatever type of subject or skill users want to focus on, ArtWorkout has something to offer. 

The app isn't just a passive instructor. It assesses and scores how its users replicate what it has shown them. Watching the assessment score creep up creates a motivation to improve. 

What skills does it improve?

If you've seen the title of this app, you won't be surprised that it teaches you how to draw. Users of the app can learn to draw pictures step-by-step and about underlying technicalities like perspective and symmetry. 

ArtWorkout also goes a bit further following recent updates: it teaches kids how to write with cursive handwriting and supports them learning to write individual letters too. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Anybody could make good use of ArtWorkout. Adults and older kids will enjoy learning to draw. Younger kids can also follow the drawing instructions but will also benefit from learning about letter formation. 

Is ArtWorkout easy to use?

It is straightforward to use ArtWorkout . Selecting what you would like to learn to draw is a simple matter of choosing a category and then an exercise. The drawing instructions are clearly demonstrated on screen, and the app provides useful further information with clearly written text. 

How will students benefit? 

The extent to which artistic skills are learned or an innate talent is debatable, but what is true is that even the most gifted of artists improve with practice and by analysing the art of others. ArtWorkout shows the user how its drawings are constructed. First, it breaks the forms down, shows how to draw them, and then asks the user to replicate them. It assesses their accuracy and so encourages kids to improve their pen control. 

For kids who already have a talent for producing art, the technical tuition within ArtWorkout will help them progress and take their creativity to the next level. 

How will teachers benefit?

Schools expect teachers of young kids to be generalists and to teach across the subjects. This can be especially difficult when subjects are skill-based and not just knowledge-based. Learning some facts to teach a class is quite different from learning a skill like drawing. 

ArtWorkout gives all teachers the tools to teach drawing skills to kids. They can learn to draw a picture using ArtWorkout or use the app to show the instructions on a class display. 

ArtWorkout turns a difficult topic for non-artistic teachers to prepare for into one that is ready to go, making it a great time saver and the basis of an interesting lesson. 

How will parents benefit?

Unartistic parents can have artistic kids. If this is you, you might find it difficult to support your kids' interests, in which case ArtWorkout will be very helpful.

ArtWorkout forms the basis of a productive and creative use of time, and it is an excellent way for kids to spend their screentime. It will be an activity far more constructive and educational than games. 

What can ArtWorkout improve on?

ArtWorkout is a teaching and learning tool for art, not a handwriting course. However, as it offers a cursive writing course within its options, we need to mention that this might not correspond with the methods kids learn at school.   

If ArtWorkout evolved this course to incorporate the most popular school cursive types and let users choose them, it would be more valuable to young kids. As it stands, parents and teachers need to be careful that the app doesn't teach kids a cursive method that conflicts with what they learn at school. 

How much does ArtWorkout cost?

You can download ArtWorkout for free and use a seven-day trial to see if it is a good fit for your kids.  

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

If you decide that your kids are developing as artists and enjoying the process, you can take out a subscription to ArtWorkout. The different options are reasonably priced, and the continual updates should result in the value increasing. 

Is ArtWorkout safe to use?

All of the images taught in ArtWorkout are suitable for young kids to use. ArtWorkout has a clear privacy policy that states that the app does not collect any data from kids, show ads, or track location. 

There are options to share images using the app in combination with the user accounts of other services. 

Overall rating of the app.

ArtWorkout is a great app in the under-served category of art education. Whether you are a parent wanting to help your kids or a teacher hoping to make your art-lesson planning easier, ArtWorkout would make a great choice.   

The free seven-day trial of this app will help you ensure that it meets your needs before you spend anything, so you have nothing to lose by downloading this five-star app and giving it a go.

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