Artie's World

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From the Developer

Follow Artie and the Magic Pencil on another exciting and educational adventure, but this time across a whole new world! Navigate the maps, and when our hero has an idea, tap the lightbulb, connect the dots and watch your creations spring to life with funny animations and high-quality audio.


  • Brand new maps to explore!
  • 8 free toys and gifts to draw and share in ‘Artie’s Village’
  • 45 further animals to purchase in ‘Arctic Adventure’, ‘Jungle Journey’ and ‘Farm Friends'
  • Learn to draw using basic and irregular shapes with an handy dot-to-dot system
  • Encourage sharing and friendship with a whole cast of cute characters
  • Reinforce learning with a bonus card matching game
  • Discover the names of the objects and animals
  • Hear how to say them with friendly voice-over
  • Look out for seasonal updates in Artie’s Village

a Robot
a Doll
a Dinosaur
a Polar Bear
a Harp Seal
a Cow and Calf 
a Peacock
an Orangutan 
many more!

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