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Artie's Magic Pencil

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 3+

About Artie's Magic Pencil

Artie's Magic Pencil is a cute app that gets kids learning the fundamentals of drawing with his pulling a magic pencil out of a stone. The drawing adventure starts with a fun and interactive adventure story ideal for preschool-aged kids. Kids join the little hero by controlling his movements and tracing geometric shapes he draws. It features colorful artwork, a cast of funny characters, and a simple and intuitive interface. Downloadable drawing worksheets allow kids to extend their creative time away from the screen to develop creativity and fine motor skills.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)



Creative Development


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There’s a monster on the loose and it’s destroying everything in its way! Save the day and help Artie to rebuild his world, using a very special magic pencil. In a land where basic shapes are the building blocks, children can be the hero whilst learning how simple triangles, squares and circles come together to create everything they see around them, from a butterfly to a building, and a car to an ice cream shop!

Artie’s Magic Pencil is an interactive learning adventure that teaches children the fundamentals of drawing to inspire them to get creative both on and off the screen! By matching up the dots and tracing the shapes, children will see lines and shapes come to life! With a fun story and delightful handcrafted animations, Artie’s Magic Pencil will help children learn the power of art and of helping others.
‚Ä®Kids can choose to play Artie’s Magic Pencil either by following the storyline through Artie’s world or by tapping the map in the top corner to return to, redraw and customize their favourite objects as many times as they wish.


A fun, interactive, adventure story with a cast of funny characters
Can be played as story or use the map to replay endlessly
Helps children understand the basics of drawing and art
Develops fine motor and graphic skills
Teaches important lessons in altruism and empathy
More than 25 different objects to draw
Colorful, child-friendly illustrated world
Handcrafted animations and a bespoke soundtrack
Encourages creativity both on and off screen
Extra downloadable drawing worksheets to print and enjoy at home.

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