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Teacher Overview

Articulation Station is a comprehensive articulation application to help children speak and pronounce their sounds more clearly. The app enables practice at letter, word and sentence level to improve pronunciation and phonological awareness. Each word has 60 target words and all together Articulation Station Pro has over 1,000 target words. The lite version contains the 'P' sound program for you to try for free with additional sound programs costing between £2.99 & £5.99. Articulation Station pro costs £44.99.

Teacher Review

Hugely popular with Speech and Language therapists and SEN teachers alike, Articulation Station allows children to practice their pronunciation at letter, word and sentence level. The App has 6 activities at word, sentence and story level for 22 different sound programs. There are 60 target words for each program allowing you to target initial, medial and final sounds.  
In word level you get flashcard and matching game modes, both include high quality images that are easy to interpret. If a child cannot remember the word on the flashcard, audio reinforcement is available allowing the user to tap and hear the sound over and over again, particularly useful when introducing a new sound and when working with children with SEN. Each flashcard can also be scored allowing you to track progress, this can be done multiple times which can give you a good guide of progress over time.The matching game is a fun way to practice sounds at this level. Similar to the flashcards, you can score each word card that you turn over as many times as you like before you turn over another card. You can also tap the card to hear the name of the word that is pictured.
Sentence level activities include 'rotating and unique sentence' modes. In rotating sentences the target word changes each time. Additionally, each target word has a picture prompt and audio reinforcement. Unique sentence mode contains at least 3 target words or sounds in over 1300 sentences. 
In the story section two levels are available, the first is for non-readers and contains short rhyming stories which include picture prompts. The narratives are repetitive throughout and multiple target sounds and words can be worked on. Level two stories are more more advanced and also allow for multiple target sound and word practice. Comprehension questions are also available at the end of each story.
As a teacher, I really like the the data collection feature which allows me to track pupil progress across the different sound programs. I can also record pronunciation and attach to pupil profiles in addition to adding comments, especially useful for teachers with smaller intervention groups. Articulation Station Pro is the most priciest app of its kind  but  sound programs can be bought when needed. Once we had tried the free version with a number of children we knew we needed to go pro, such was the children's response. 
Articulation Station is a really fun engaging app for children and highly recommended for both teachers and Speech & Language therapists.
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Publisher's Description

"I knew I had a winner when I used Articulation Station with my kids, the parents saw how much fun it was, and bought it immediately for home practice!" -Sherry Artemenko, SLP

Download the best articulation app on the App Store and learn how to pronounce and practice the consonantal sounds in the English language with 6 fantastic and engaging articulation activities!

Created by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Articulation Station is a full featured articulation application to help children as well as adults learn to speak and pronounce their sounds more clearly. Beautiful high quality images represent target words to be practiced in fun-filled activities with the assistance of a Speech-Language Pathologist, teacher or parent.

Articulation Station is the only articulation application offering practice at the WORD, PHRASE, SENTENCE and STORY levels all in one app! These activities are so fun your kids will love practicing their sounds and forget they are actually "working" on their articulation. 

Each of the 22 sound programs target sounds in the initial, medial and final positions of words, sentences and stories. The majority of sounds (p,b,m,d,n,t,k,g,f,v,ch,j,z,sh,th) have 60 target words each. The l,r and s sound programs target blends as well. Additionally the r sound program has ALL the vocalic r's!


  • Quick tips for teaching each sound
  • 20 target words per sound position (initial, medial, final)

  • Beautiful high quality images
  • Create custom word lists
  • Shuffle multiple sounds
  • Flashcard activity

  • Matching activity

  • Rotating Sentences (like carrier phrases)

  • Unique Sentences
  • Level 1 stories with picture prompts and comprehension questions
  • Level 2 stories with comprehension questions
  • In depth Scoring and data tracking for each child/student
  • Student profiles
  • Group sessions (Up to 6 students at one time!)
  • Voice recording and playback feature for monitoring responses
  • Save audio recordings
  • Backup and restore your data

When ALL SOUNDS have been purchased:

  • Over 1,200 target words
  • 96 Rotating Sentences
  • Over 1300 Unique Sentences
  • 96 Level 1 stories
  • 96 Level 2 stories



Beautiful, easy to interpret, real life images with audio reinforcement.


Exciting matching game that will keep everyone entertained!


Fixed sentence loaded with target sounds and paired with rotating target words.


A new sentence for every target word with an average of three target sounds per sentence.


Short, silly rhymes for each sound position with multiple target words, pictures and comprehension questions.


Short, creative stories for each sound
position with multiple target words and comprehension questions.

We hope you enjoy using Articulation Station. Please take a quick moment to rate the app and share your experience with others. Your input is much appreciated!

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