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About Art History Test

Think you know a lot about art history? Take the Art History Test to find out. This app uses flash cards as a testing and teaching tool. Can you tell the title, artist, year and medium by looking at one section of a masterpiece? You will be able to once you learn everything this app has to teach you. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

Your art history exam is coming up and you could use some help if you’re going to get a good grade. Opening the Art History Test application, you view the first work of art. It’s only a piece of the bigger picture but you can already tell that it’s a beautiful, early modern era work of art and that has you pumped. Maybe you know this subject better than you thought you did!

Okay, solve the rest of the puzzle. What’s the title? Can you name the artist? If you think you know the answers, move on to the year and medium. Now, reveal the other side of the flash card to see how you did on the answers. Did you ace the test?

Art History Test is your easy-to-use flash card app that is going to help you boost your knowledge of art history and the artists, from the late Middle Ages through to the early modern era works from all of the major masters.

This application is going to really test and teach you. View only a piece of a card to see if you can answer the important questions for that piece of art. Once you’re ready, reveal the other side of the flash card to see the title of the painting, the artist, year and medium. Work your way through Art History Test and you will be a wellspring of art history knowledge.

You can use the cards in their existing order, working from start to finish or choose which ones you study. You also have the option of letting the app make random selections for you. It’s totally flexible and there are hundreds of important paintings for you to enjoy and learn about.

Helpful features you get in Art History Test:

* Includes paintings, etchings, sculpture, and reliefs

* View an image, then reveal answer
* Gives title, artist, date, and medium for each piece

* View images in portrait or landscape orientation

* Includes all the famous artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Ingres, Van Gogh and more

* Hundreds of images to test your knowledge

* Major periods of western art covered from late middle ages to early modern

* Great tool for learning art history

* Helps you study for exams

* Also great for simply enjoying the images

* Includes modern artists and Renaissance

* Images displayed in high quality

All of the images in Art History Test are preloaded, so there’s no waiting for an internet connection, no searching for WiFi. The magnificent images are displayed instantly, anywhere, anytime. You can even save your favorite to your photo album and use it as your wallpaper.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an art history student or just a lover of art. You are going to love the app and appreciate the wealth of knowledge it brings to your life.

Download the Art History Test now. Then, test yourself but above all, enjoy these works by the world’s most famous masters.

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