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About Arduino Science Journal

Arduino Science Journal is an innovative app which allows students and teachers to collate and record data from a variety of practical experiments. Arduino Science Journal allows users to make scientific observations, record experimental data in real time and even set triggers to alert users when key information or values from a data set are found, in an easy and engaging way.

Arduino Science Journal utilises the inbuilt sensors available from an individual’s smart phone or tablet to collect, record and display data from given experiments.

One of the most beneficial extensions of this app is the supporting website that provides examples of lesson plans and experiments to support teachers in their delivery of content and use of the app.

Completing experiments using this app encourages individuals to identify key information, add observations as text, take photos, record data and make conclusions, collating all of this information in one space. The ability to snapshot certain data sets encourages students to analyse or spot anomalies in data which are notoriously difficult skills, and which now play a large part in nationally recognised assessments.

Audio options provide sound bites of data collected providing a unique experience when using the app. Arduino Science Journal is free to download with the opportunity to add external sensors using blue tooth meaning this app can be extended beyond its current scope and personalised to an individual’s curriculum or topic area. With the current curriculum focus on student practical skills in education this app could be truly instrumental in securing a student’s ability to comprehend practical results and secure their progress in the scientific field.

This app will develop a variety of skills including observation, application, numeracy, practical and critical thinking.

Arduino Science Journal Review

What is Arduino Science Journal App

Arduino Science Journal is an innovative Science app that allows students and teachers to effectively track experiment data, observe results, finesse their recognition and evaluation of graphs and encourages note taking of observations during practical activities. This app allows users to make the most of in-built sensors in smart phones and tablets to supplement practical skills and information gathering from experiments in an engaging way. 

What we love about Arduino Science Journal

Arduino Science Journal is an app that provides endless possibilities to promote and develop an individual’s practical skills, fully supporting their understanding and application of the scientific method. The provision of free science lesson’s given on the app’s website is incredible, with key objectives, equipment lists and step by step instructions supported with clear imagery and supplementary videos. The information provided is extensive and allows users to fully achieve the best learning experience using the app.

What age is it appropriate for

Arduino Science Journal is suitable for students of 11-18, with the possibility of extending beyond this age range with the use of external sensors. The app is free to download and easy to navigate with clear imagery. The app provides free tools that can be applied to a variety of experiments and activities, but also has the option to add external sensors to provide even more data collection options.  The instructions for adding external sensors are also provided clearly on the app’s website. This means the full learning experience can be tailored to the individual or school.

What skills does it improve

This app will develop a variety of skills including observation, application, numeracy, practical and critical thinking. It will help students develop their ability to observe trends in data, identify anomalies and form conclusions. Students can further their understanding of how variables can impact an experiments result.

Is Arduino Science Journal easy to use

Arduino Science Journal is easy to use and navigation throughout the app is clear. An in-app ‘Getting started’ tab provides instructions that are helpful and written in a user-friendly way. A welcome tab shows you an overview of the opportunities that the app provides and highlights where to find further support and resources from their accompanying website.

How will students benefit

Arduino Science Journal will allow students to make observations and conclusions of experiments based on data collected and displayed as a graph. Students can create new experiments focusing on a specific science topic or variable and personalise their experiment by adding a name and image if desired. When an experiment is designed, students are able to choose an appropriate sensor to track results in real time as they occur. They also have the opportunity to record the data collection as a video. Recordings are saved to the experiment board which provides fantastic support for students who can then revisit the recordings and analyse, discuss and conclude as needed and as often as required. Students can take snap shots of areas of the graph to help identify key information or spot anomalies, all of which helps to finesse their understanding of the importance of practical skills. Recordings can also be used as evidence of completed practical tasks set as a homework or classwork activities. One of the most exciting options in the app is the ability to set in app triggers. Students can identify a variable, value or data set they are interested in and set the app to alert them when these are reached. This option ensures the student achieves their objective and supports those who may struggle to process a variety of information simultaneously. Audio of the graph can also be provided to add further insight into the results obtained and may stimulate further analysis by students to add to via their observation notes. This app allows students to develop their independent skills including numeracy, literacy and application and promotes the importance of correct observations within practical activities.

How will teachers benefit

Arduino Science Journal is able to be adapted to suit the curriculum coverage needed for each educational setting. Teachers can benefit from this is as its use can be tailored to the practical at hand. The ability to connect external sensors further drives this beneficial aspect of the app to make it truly bespoke. Teachers are able to use the app to highlight the importance of students honing their practical skills including identifying anomalies, taking observation notes and describing trends and patterns in graph plots. Arduino Science Journal’s supporting website allows teachers to benefit from the provided lesson plans which are fully resourced with objectives, equipment lists and step by step instructions to support teachers of all specialities. Being able to access the app from smart phones and tablets eliminates the need for paper-based note taking minimising the risk of lost or damaged work – all information is held centrally for each app holder. Use of the app will allow teachers to successfully track completion of practical activities per student and enables them look through individual’s initial observations and recordings to ensure students are progressing as they should be.

How will parents benefit

Parents can see an overview of the practical activities that a student partakes in at school. Having access to the information their child has gathered independently will allow parents the opportunity to support the student from home should they need to.

Arduino Science Journal can improve on

Arduino Science Journal has the ability to evolve beyond its current provision. Opportunities for Biology and Chemistry experiments using sensors could be explored.

How much does Arduino Science Journal cost

The app is free to download and easy to navigate with clear imagery. The app has the option to use external sensors which may be purchased by the individual user or school but not through the app itself.

Is Arduino Science Journal safe to use

Yes – no personal data is required to benefit from this app.

Overall rating of the app

The app is fully deserving of four stars, and I feel it has the ability to evolve beyond its current provision and be personalised to the user’s desire.

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