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Applaydu Review

Applaydu, by Kinder, is dedicated to children between 4 to 9 years old, from toddlers to kindergarten and beyond.  Applaydu is inspired by the idea of 'edutainment'. It merges education and entertainment to build kids' skills and develop their creativity. The high-quality result is available in this free of ads and free of cost app. This app helps improve creative development, thinking and reasoning skills, and improve reading. 

App Information

Games Games
Parental Engagement Parental Engagement

Suitable for ages - Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)
Primary School Apps (5-7 Years)
Primary School Apps (7-11 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Games
Interactive Story

Great for - Creative Development
Academic Relevance
Thinking & Reasoning

Publisher - Ferrero Trading Lux S.A

Applaydu Features

  • Diverse range of activity types with distinct learning experiences.
  • Story Maker feature for creating branching stories.
  • Educational mini-games covering various skills and knowledge.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) technology for interactive experiences.
  • Parental section with playtime tracking and educational guides.

Is Applaydu a free app?

Applaydu is a free app that you can download and enjoy with your family. 

Is it good for learning?

By creating stories, characters, and worlds with Applaydu, children can express their creativity and imagination, as well as improve their problem-solving and critical thinking skills through interactive puzzles and challenges.

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  • Engaging and stress-free mini-games.
  • AR feature enhances child's interaction with the app.
  • User-friendly interface, especially in AR features.
  • Parental guides aid in enhancing educational value.
  • Attractive, age-appropriate graphics and sound effects.


  • Lack of spoken guidance in mini-games.
  • Some content may be inaccessible to children with undeveloped literacy skills.
  • No narration or spoken guidance in the app.
  • Possible variation in aesthetic appeal for the target age range (3-8 years).
  • Parental involvement needed to maximize educational benefits.

What we like about Applaydu

Applaydu is filled with content that covers a range of activity types. These are not just variations on a theme, either, but provide distinct play and learning experiences. 

In the Story Maker, children guide their character through branching stories to forge a tale that they can revisit in the app's bookshelf. Mixed in with these stories and playable separately are a variety of educational mini-games.

These mini-games are diverse in both their play styles and the skills and knowledge that they encompass. Each one is fun and stress-free. There might be a challenge in completing them but they do not punish the player or impose time limits or fix the number of lives the player has.

A feature around which some other apps have been built solely is augmented reality (AR). In the AR part of Applaydu, children use their devices as a portal into a space where the app's animated characters can engage with the real world. While still in its infancy, this technology still has an element of magic around it. Children, and adults too, find the way these fantastical elements appear in the physical world to be fascinating. It is simplicity itself to make this work so don't feel your child might struggle with it - if they can use the device's camera, they will be fine.

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You can download Applaydu on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Applaydu app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Bottom Line

If you are a parent of a child aged between 3 and 8, you really have nothing to lose by downloading this app as it is completely free, has no in-app purchases and is advertisement free. Packed full of fun and educational content, with dashes of innovative use of technology, Applaydu deserves its place on your child's mobile device.

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