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About Applaydu

Applaydu is inspired by the idea of 'edutainment'. It merges education and entertainment to build kids' skills and develop their creativity. The high-quality result is available in this free of ads and free of cost app. This app helps improve creative development, thinking and reasoning skills, and improve reading. This app is available for children 3+. 

Teacher Review

The activities in Applaydu can help kids to develop many different skills. Some help to prepare children for classroom learning with literacy and numeracy content, others introduce them to general knowledge and life skills.

What we love about Applaydu

This is not a small app. It is filled with content that covers a range of activity types. These are not just variations on a theme, either, but provide distinct play and learning experiences. 

In the Story Maker, children guide their character through branching stories to forge a tale that they can revisit in the app's bookshelf. Mixed in with these stories and playable separately are a variety of educational mini-games.

These mini-games are diverse in both their play styles and the skills and knowledge that they encompass. Each one is fun and stress-free. There might be a challenge in completing them but they do not punish the player or impose time limits or fix the number of lives the player has.

A feature around which some other apps have been built solely is augmented reality (AR). In the AR part of Applaydu, children use their devices as a portal into a space where the app's animated characters can engage with the real world. While still in its infancy, this technology still has an element of magic around it. Children, and adults too, find the way these fantastical elements appear in the physical world to be fascinating. It is simplicity itself to make this work so don't feel your child might struggle with it - if they can use the device's camera, they will be fine.

What could Applaydu improve on?

Spoken guidance is most missed in some of the mini-games where useful and child-friendly facts are related but will be inaccessible to children with undeveloped literacy skills who are playing independently. Again, this makes no difference when the app is used as a shared parent-and-child experience.

Rounding out Applaydu's already full feature set is a parental section of the app. Within this passcoded area, parents can see how much their child has played the app and what they have done within it. 

Especially useful in the parental section are the guides. The Minigames guide breaks down skills each one uses and suggests what to talk about and what type of questions to ask. The Skills guide tells parents which games address each skill and why that skill is important to develop.

These guides to participating in your child's learning go a good way towards mitigating the lack of spoken guidance mentioned earlier. While the games are fun as they are and develop some skills, with a parents' input they offer great talking and thinking points. The parental area is very useful and enhances the app's relevance to children's education.

What age is Applaydu appropriate for?

Applaydu's target audience is children between 3 and 8, a group where aesthetic expectations can vary considerably between the youngest and oldest. Too 'babyish' and the older children will be turned off, too austere and the youngest will not be attracted to it.

Fortunately, Applaydu's artists have hit upon the perfect sweet spot. There is a consistent and very attractive theme to the graphics. Each background element and environment is styled to look like it is made of decorated cardboard or formed from ordinary household objects. Not only does this look great, but it provides a link between the app's activities and the real world where children can employ their imaginations to craft stories around their physical toys.

Jolly music and cheerful sound effects add further enhancements to the activities. Sadly, there is no narration or spoken guidance in the app which is something typically found in those aimed at young children. For the stories created in the app, your child plays a role in the story and is referenced by name, this could well have been impractical to include in a voiceover. It does not feel like a problem in this part of the app and fits in with the app's family-friendly goal. Children will be quite happy to create a story and have parents discover it and read it back to them at bedtime.

Overall thoughts on Applaydu

If you are a parent of a child aged between 3 and 8, you really have nothing to lose by downloading this app as it is completely free, has no in-app purchases and is advertisement free. Packed full of fun and educational content, with dashes of innovative use of technology, Applaydu deserves its place on your child's mobile device.

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Welcome to the creative world of Applaydu, an experience designed for kids (ages 4 to 9) to help develop creativity and build skills through a variety of fun family activities that can be played offline! You can watch your kids grow up with Applaydu as they take their first steps into the world. It is designed to help nourish your child’s imagination and take them on a creative journey full of surprises where their dreams come true!

This safe app for kids includes:

  • Tons of stimulating mini-games covering different topics
  • Augmented reality activities that bring characters to life
  • Virtual arts & crafts to enhance their creativity
  • The best bedtime stories they can imagine
  • And more surprises to discover

Applaydu is dedicated to kids between 4-9 years old, from toddlers to preschool and kindergarten. It is 100% free to download, playable offline, has no ads, no in-app purchases, and supports 16 languages!

Nourish Your Child's Imagination

Applaydu offers a fun and colorful papercraft world where kids can develop their creativity and feed their curiosity. Your kids can customize the game worlds in fun painting, crafting, and coloring games.

Interact with Stimulating Activities

Applaydu is a playful experience with games and activities designed to enhance each area of a child’s development. Your kids will utilize fundamental skills such as categorizing shapes and colors, maintaining attention, and identifying patterns. A variety of stimulating activities for kids to discover basic numbers, explore a geography game, be introduced to languages, and expand their vocabulary of countries, animals, and food. Each activity has adaptive difficulty to provide the perfect challenge for kids from ages 4-9.

A new way of playing

Enjoy 11 fun mini-games for kids where they get to be the real heroes! Meet over 220 unforgettable characters that will guide your kids throughout their adventures. There are a variety of gameplay types, including racing games with unique cars, dress-up with the princesses, animal games, and puzzle-solving for kids.

Create stories with your children

Rediscover your kid’s adventures in unique storybooks to share before bedtime and enrich your nightly family routine.Your kids will explore a variety of themes as they safari in the savannah, discover a magical Dreamland, and relive superhero adventures.

Experience AR

Use the magic of AR to scan your kid’s favorite characters into the app and bring them to life! There is a large collection of AR masks so your child can become their favorite character. Interact and play with amazing characters, as a family, and change the way your kids see the world with creative augmented reality!

Parents love that this app is safe for children and 100% kid friendly

A dedicated, PIN-protected parental section helps you keep your kids safe while they have fun. Check out the progress tracking reports to monitor the activities of your kids. You can create multiple profiles to customize the experience for each child. This app has an intuitive interface that your kids can easily navigate. 100% safe with no ads or in-app purchases. Playable offline without an Internet connection.

Share family moments 

Experience Applaydu together with your kids to enhance the magic and joy. Use this creative app as a jumping-off point for further discussions Create meaningful new memories every day as they play, and every night at story time!

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