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About AppBlock - Block Apps & Sites

AppBlock gives you tools to support your self-control. If you find yourself too distracted by social media, wasting too much time with games, or constantly waiting for the next notification, AppBlock is an app designed to help. You choose which apps to block and when. You also set how easy they are to unlock.

AppBlock works on iOS and Android devices. It is free to download and comes with a seven-day free trial becoming fully active with a subscription. The app's core functionality remains even if you choose not to subscribe. Parents, teachers and older children will likely get the most out of AppBlock.

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AppBlock - Block Apps & Sites Review

What is AppBlock?

AppBlock helps you maintain self-discipline when you use apps. You can block specific apps and individual websites to ensure you still have access to what you need to get your work done. The typical user of AppBlock will be someone with the self-awareness to know that they give in too often to the temptation of wasting time on their mobile device. Typically this will include older children, parents and teachers, all of whom can benefit from AppBlock.

AppBlock is not a parental control app, so parents with young kids wanting to control screen time will probably want to look elsewhere.

AppBlock Features and How it works

Various Blocking Functions

There are three blocking functions in AppBlock. You can turn it on and off at will or schedule it to start blocking at certain times or when in specific locations. You can also combine these conditions, such as between certain times at school.

Strict mode is the third option for those struggling to follow their self-set rules. You can set Strict Mode to Level 1 or 2. Under the first, you can't edit or stop existing blocks. The higher level prevents you from uninstalling the app. The deactivation of Strict Mode includes methods to make turning it off more challenging.

You can have a PIN to deactivate. This option could work by letting somebody else set the code so you can't unlock the phone until you've met a condition. Alternatively, you can have AppBlock unlock if you connect your device to a charger, limiting how freely you can use the unlocked device.

What we liked about AppBlock

AppBlock's simplicity is a key strength, and combined with the app's clear focus on helping you free yourself from overusing your device, it makes for a product that everyone should consider.

We like how the app has different levels of control to support how you need the app to work. If you only need something to make you pause and think, the lowest setting is ideal. However, if your desire to check social media, read messages or play games overcomes this friction, then the higher settings are for you.

The Strict Mode is for those who are deeply attached to their apps and find it almost impossible to ignore them. The ability to set connecting devices to a charge as an unlock is a great feature. It is simple but requires a conscious decision to move to where the charger is and use it. The friction it adds to unlocking AppBlock helps encourage you to work with the app rather than against it.

If AppBlock is working well and helping you to avoid your apps acting as a timesink, you probably won't love it, but you will love the time it gives back to you. If it does provide you with better focus and use of your time in its free trial, you'll know the app is for you.

AppBlock Pricing and Plans

You can download AppBlock for free and get a usable app. Many valuable features work in this free version, but if you upgrade to the premium tier, you can personalise the experience more. You can get a taster of the premium tier for seven days as part of a free trial.

AppBlock offers two premium subscription options: a monthly plan priced at $4.99 and an annual plan available for $29.99. Students can apply for a discount from within the app.

Is it good for learning?

AppBlock helps teachers focus on planning and marking or students concentrate on their studies. It doesn't directly educate but helps keep its users on task. The exception to this is its Aademy which is a useful section. While the app can help you exercise self-discipline, the Academy section has classes to help you reflect on and improve such things as family time, time management, and focus.

AppBlock Ease of Use

Although AppBlock is meant to disappear into the background along with the apps it locks down, it has a very attractive interface which is pleasant to use and easy to understand. When you first open the app, it asks you why you chose to use it.

You can choose between improving sleep, increasing free time, or being more productive, and the app will guide you towards the most appropriate setting. When you set up what to block, websites you like to visit in the system browser appear in the list to make it easier to work out what needs restricting.

If you've set up a parental control app, you'll know that the setup can be complex, but that is not the case with AppBlock, as you aren't setting up controls across multiple devices. The app guides you as you select the rules that will help you most, such as the apps and websites to block, the times to stop them, and if you want to set entering a PIN or connection to a charger as an unlock action.

AppBlock Benefits

For Parents

Parents of older children could find this app provides a transition between a parental control app and giving kids full responsibility for their time. Older students can use the app to avoid distractions when they should be doing homework, revision, or chores. While the app will be in their control, they can show parents they have acted responsibly by showing the app's stats page.

Parents might also choose to support their kids by also using the app. Put the app on everybody's devices and use its Quick Block feature to ensure quality family time. At the start of meals or time together, if everybody hits the block button, there'll be no distractions except each other.

For Teachers

Teachers could benefit from AppBlock in two ways. Firstly, their students will do better if they don't find themselves distracted from completing their assignments. This minimising of distractions is even more crucial during the school day. Kids with this app on their devices can use its time and location tools to ensure they can only access the tools relevant to education.

By blocking notifications, the app also prevents kids from feeling like they are missing out by not checking the apps.

Secondly, teachers are human too! Social media, games and other fun apps still have a pull that can be hard to resist. However much teaching is your vocation, there's sure to be some aspect of the job you don't want to do, and that pull becomes irresistible. For many of us, that's administration or marking. It is easy to finish marking one assignment, pick up the phone to check a notification, and then not return to the admin for another half an hour.

By blocking the apps that distract you the most AppBlock will help you power through the less pleasant parts of teaching. Hiding notifications will stop you from being distracted by what is happening elsewhere.

Final Verdict: AppBlock Review

Assuming you are honest with yourself about your propensity to give in to digital distractions, you will know whether you need AppBlock. If you see your child, especially older kids, similarly struggle, AppBlock may be the answer. 

During this review, we found AppBlock to work well. Once set up to match the user's requirements, the app was quick, easy to use, and rigidly supportive in removing access to the identified distracting apps.

AppBlock is very easy to try with its free trial. We suggest you do so and keep an open mind. In the case of this app, if it feels frustrating when active, that might be a sign you need it! Think of the time you'll get back from your screen and the benefits of focusing exclusively on a task. AppBlock is a five-star app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AppBlock app safe to use?

AppBlock will ask your permission to access your device's Screen Time controls, which it understandably needs to work. The app's developer states that it does not collect any data from this source.

App Details

  • Rating: 5
  • Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Category: Productivity, Lifestyle
  • Ages: College/University (18+ Years of Age)
  • Skills: Organisational and Productivity Skills, Self-Direction, Time and Task Management
  • In-App Purchases: Offers In-App Purchases
  • In-App Advertising: No
  • Publisher: MobileSoft s.r.o.

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