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About is an online and mobile task manager and to-do list app. With, users can create to-do lists and view their upcoming and completed tasks in one place. Key features include personalized themes, task color coding and collaboration. It is available across platforms such as iOS and Android phones, web browsers, tablets and Mac OS X.

Teacher Review

Any.DO is a personal agenda that allows you to quickly and comfortably manage all of your different daily tasks directly from your device. You just have to drag tasks from one place to the next in order to mark them as done, delete them, push them back, move them up, etc. enables users to manage both team projects and personal goals in a single interface. Projects can be streamlined into tasks and color tagged to help users differentiate their goals. The solution allows assignment of due dates to their tasks, enabling users to prioritize to-do lists. Additionally, offers productive collaboration that enables list sharing with monitoring progress and integrated project management tools.

Millions of people use Any.Do to organize their tasks. This application is perfect for students who need to create a to-do list. It also synchronize all tasks with other devices so that the list can be accessed from anywhere. Add new entries to the list with the help of touch-based interface, or use your voice to create tasks.

You can change the priority of your entry, mark a task as completed, or even shake your device to remove all completed tasks from it. The Any.Do widget can be added to your home screen for quick and easy access.

Pricing of the product is available on a monthly subscription basis, and support is extended via email and documentation.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Organisational and Productivity Skills


In-App Purchases - Yes

In-App Advertising - No



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Millions use this app every day to remember all the tasks they want to-do and make sure they get them done. Key benefits: Seamless cloud sync, Speech recognition, Alerts, Moment, Snooze tasks, Google Task Sync, Notes, Sub tasks, Amazing Widgets, Repeating / Recurring Tasks, Missed call, Auto complete, In app actions, Gesture support & much more!

Get the most out of

Beautiful & Functional - is beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly.

Always there when you need it - syncs seamlessly with the cloud so you can stay on top of just about anything across all your devices. puts the power in your hands - Drag & drop to plan your agenda, swipe off a task to mark it as complete & shake your android to clear your completed tasks. It just feels right.

Speak your mind - Instead of typing just tap the microphone icon and say what you want to do. will automatically convert your words into text in almost any language.

Type less, DO more - Mobile typing can be a hassle;’s auto-suggest predicts what you want to do as you type it. works for you - Simply add a time based reminder for the things you want to do and will remind you just at the right time. You can even try some repeat options.

Better together - Share lists with your friends, family, and colleagues to accomplish even more. Here are some ideas: A shared grocery list with your spouse, plan an event with your friends or just make sure you’re on top of an office project.

Any. DO is available in different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Russian, Arabic & Hebrew.


  • Just like real life - Swipe a task with your finger to mark it as complete.
  • Shake it away - Shake your device to remove all completed tasks.
  • Powerful widgets - Add a widget to your home screen to see all the things you need to do - just when you need them.
  • Don't miss another call - Turn missed calls into reminders.
  • Take actions - With you can easily make calls, text, emails and even schedule meetings from within the app
  • Make it personal - Choose your favorite app theme (white or black).
  • Do it your own way - You can easily customize your folders, so you can organize your tasks to best suit your needs (for example: Work, Home, Errands). Plus, you can have as many folders as you wish.
  • Your tasks, Your choice - You can switch between Date view (Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming & Someday) and Folder view, it's up to you.
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