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About Answers

Answers Homework Help is a community-based question and answer platform. Users ask questions and find the answers already provided, or if there is no answer, a community member will answer. The app is only suitable for older kids due to the conversational aspect of the app.

Answers Homework Help is available on iPad, iPhone, Android and also through a web browser. Users can access a limited version of the platform's features for free, upgrade to the premium version for a seven-day trial, or pay for a rolling subscription.

Answers Review

What is Answers Homework Help app?

Answers Homework Help gives its users answers to questions that they ask. It has millions of questions already asked and answered, but you can pose it to the app's user community if you have a new question.

The questions and answers, old and new, are user-generated content formed by the app's user community. Users vote on existing answers to rate their accuracy and usefulness as there may be multiple responses to each question. This voting system should ensure that the most useful and accurate answers rise to the top.

The app awards points to incentivise users to answer questions. These points don't have any material value, but they position users on the app's league tables.

This review of Answers Homework Help app uses the premium version, which has extra features compared to the version everyone can access for free.

What we love about Answers Homework Help.

Answers Homework Help is a great app to kick start research or a project. Students can find the answer they need and then begin building the rest of their explanation around it.

The app's categories also make it enjoyable to browse through the questions. Interesting nuggets of trivia learned this way will contribute to broadening the user's general knowledge.

The app works just as well on tablet devices as it does on phones, making it a flexible companion to students' studying.

A look at the app's updates log shows that it is under active maintenance. Updates are provided regularly and show that the developers have added new features and enhancements, not just bug fixes.

What skills does it improve?

Answers Homework Help is more concerned with knowledge than skills. It works as a good starting point for research and will aid kids in developing independent learning skills.

The app is not just limited to knowledge-based questions, though. It can also answer those that show a process, such as with its math solver. Using this tool, users can see how to solve math problems, and they can then apply the same approach to other questions.

What age is it appropriate for?

Some of the questions, and hence answers, are not suitable for young children. These are against the app's community guidelines but are still in evidence.

Aside from possibly unsuitable content for young kids, the app's text-based content, discussion-based approach, presentation, and use make it most appropriate for kids of secondary-school/high school-age and above.

Is Answers Homework Help easy to use?

The app is very easy to use. Browsing through topics, finding specific answers, and posing new questions are self-explanatory processes to anyone who has used an app before.

How will students benefit?

Starting from a blank page is never easy, and kids often have this problem when completing homework. With Answers Homework Help, it is easy to get a start.

Answers have associated questions given alongside them which will help kids to expand their knowledge.

Premium users can get answers quicker too. So, if kids can't find the solution they need from the existing questions, they can still get going quickly.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers cannot provide 24-hour support for kids even if modern technology makes it feel like they can. Kids can still get the answers to questions they would like to ask their teachers without becoming over-dependent on them.

Math teachers can refer kids to the math solver in the app to help them revise how to solve different problems.

How will parents benefit?

The app is a useful parental tool for those adults often being asked questions by their kids but who might not know the answers. With their broader knowledge, parents are better placed to see if an answer seems plausible before they pass it on to their kids, and they can screen out any inappropriate responses too.

They may also enjoy browsing the app as learning in the bite-sized chunks made possible by questions and answers is quite addictive.

What can Answers Homework Help improve on?

The app has the occasional glitch - usually on the search page where nothing appears, and you have to exit and re-enter the screen. It does not happen often and may result from a network glitch preventing the answer from coming through.

A further oversight is on the search page. Once you reach that page, you must enter a search to leave it—there is no back or exit button. It isn't a difficult workaround, but it should not be necessary.

As with any service that relies on the public to provide the content, misuse is possible. Accidentally incorrect or deliberately wrong answers do exist on the platform, although, in this review of Answers Homework Help, none appeared at the top of the displayed answers. A thumbs up/thumbs down rating system exists to facilitate the screening of answers.

While this voting system seems to work well on questions that have existed for a while, it won't have had a chance to work on new answers. All users should take the answers they receive as a starting point and double-check them.

It also seems a missed opportunity not to have the app's and its Answers+ service information in the database. For example, there is not much detail about the extra features that users get from a subscription on the associated website. Asking the app does not help, but it would be an ideal place to provide further details.

How much does Answers Homework Help cost?

Answers Homework Help is usable without any form of subscription or even account.

• Users without an account can read answers.

• Users with an account can read answers, ask questions, and vote for answers.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

The premium version of this app's service is called Answers+. Naturally, subscribers have the same abilities as registered users. In addition, the app is ad-free, users can ask unlimited questions, and they get access to priority answers which give quicker, more reliable responses than the usual community-provided ones.

You can subscribe to this service on the app's website or through your device's subscription tools. Different lengths of subscriptions offer different levels of value and flexibility.

Is Answers Homework Help safe to use?

Answers Homework has a privacy policy that details data that it might collect. The app asks permission to access precise location data on iOS and Android devices. The app works fine without granting authorisation, and it is not clear why the user location is needed in an app such as this.

Users of this app are encouraged to leave answers for others and to discuss responses. Parents and teachers should ensure that students who use this app understand internet safety and are mature enough to use the app's functions appropriately.

The app has a comprehensive set of community guidelines that clarify what is not acceptable on the service. It states that users who do not follow these guidelines could be banned from using the app. How rigorously this is enforced is not possible to tell during the review, so parents and teachers should monitor the app when their students use it.

Overall rating of the app.

Answers Homework Help as a community-based knowledge hub fulfils its aims well. It has millions of questions and answers, and accessing them is straightforward. The app has a couple of glitches and the inherent problems of any platform that relies on user-generated content.

As said earlier in this review of Answers Homework Help, students should always double-check the answers they receive but that they are, in most cases, a good starting point. The main problem is that young learners won't always have the awareness and experience to detect inaccuracies.

It is easy to see how useful you find the answers in this app by getting hold of it for free and beginning to browse or ask questions. The app is awarded four stars because while it does what it sets out to do well and is useful, user-generated content isn't as reliable as we'd like for kids' learning.

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