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Aniscience is an educational experience where kids explore different illustrated environments with an animated mouse. An interactive educational game for kids that will open up a world of adventure to your child through nature's laws, her plants and animals.

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  • AniscienceAniscienceAniscienceAniscienceAniscience


An interactive educational game for kids and their parents.

Send your child on an adventure-filled journey of discovery through nature, its laws and the primary species of plants and animals. This charmingly illustrated world of flora and fauna will captivate you and your children alike as you explore the riches of the natural world together. Just like your favourite children’s books, you will want to return again and again.

Now with an all-new forest chapter.

- original illustrations for children
- a playful way to educate
- intuitive game controls
- knowledge development, especially for preschoolers and younger schoolchildren
- more than 50 interactive objects (elements and sounds) in each chapter

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