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About Animoto

Animoto is a video-maker app that lets you upload your photos and videos, pick a style to personalize your story, set it to music and add narration or title cards to complete it. Animoto app lets you quickly and easily combine text, images, and videos into beautiful videos. Animoto app is available to download for free on iOS devices.

Animoto Review

Animoto is an excellent video editing tool, serving a useful function for those who are new to the world of video editing. Animoto app functions very similar to the website as students can use their iPhone to select from various multimedia (music, photos, and clips) and share their creations with teachers and classmates. Students learn how to create video slideshows by organizing multimedia into creative digital storytelling.  The app offers over 50 different video styles, hundreds of songs in a built-in music library and the ability to share via popular social media platforms.

Animoto is the best video making app in the market. Animoto offers a web-based and mobile-based platform for seamless operation. It can be used to create amazing videos from your photos. You can add titles and description to provide the information on the video. Their videos quality is beyond just the norm. It looks professional and very attractive. It gives you the freedom to upload your music. You can either opt to go through their music and choose from there or you add your own. Animoto Video Maker holds an evident place in the list of best video and photo animation apps.

This video-maker app is surprisingly fast. I’ve spent time with other video-editing apps and struggled with how much editing I needed to do. The app really connects with amateurs but offers enough customization so that your video appears quite professional. You can also edit from your computer (instead of the app), which might be easier if you’re using more features. If you use higher-quality photos (not just smartphone photos), your video will turn out better. A help center on its website,, can assist with troubleshooting or advice.


There are several features that help make Animoto Video Maker one of the best, free slideshow software programs around, especially for beginners. Some of the benefits include being easy to install, saving projects that are unfinished, the large music library that offers so many choices, and the nearly 50 templates.

  • High-quality video (HD 1080p)

  • Multiple memories styles, font library, color customization

  • Over 3000 commercially licensed music tracks

  • Pre-built marketing storyboards

  • Landscape plus square marketing videos

  • Trim videos to any length

  • Dazzle the images

The interface is really easy to work with and it allows you to step away, come back, the work is saved and there aren't problems that cause the work to get dumped and you have to start over. Animoto gives plenty of time to work, and then automatically saves the current version of the video so you can pick up right where you left off which is invaluable.

Is Animoto free?

Animoto is a free classroom tool for educators, students, and administrators. Students can create unlimited videos on their free accounts. School administrators can create and share marketing videos for social media, email lists, and school fundraising events in a matter of minutes.

How much does Animoto cost?

Keep in mind that you can use the program for a free, 14-day trial, but afterwards you must sign up for their Pro system if you want to continue using it. Animoto has a Personal plan, Professional plan, and Business plan. Plans and packaging are based on video resolution, branding control, music and access to premium templates. The pricing for this monthly video service is reasonable, the service is very professional and easy to use.

Animoto makes it incredibly easy for us to upload, edit and organize content in order to tell our stories the way we intend to. The templates are easy to use and there is one for every kind of story we want to tell.

As alternatives, you can check the Filmora app.

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Creative Development
Organisational and Productivity Skills


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You can download Animoto on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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