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Animotica - Video Editor & Movie Maker

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The software application ‘Animotica - Video Editor & Movie Maker’ is an easy to use Video Editor, Movie Maker and Slideshow Video Maker for Windows 10. This application encompasses all the traditional tools you would expect from a high-quality piece of Video Editing software such as video trim, split, combine video and photos, add music, add voiceovers, scale, rotate, colour adjustment and so much more. The application is free but has some restrictions on the video content and presentation. A full purchase gives the user access to all of the features the software has to offer.  The application is free from in-app adverts and is suitable for all age groups with a PEGI 3 rating (3 and upwards). The application is available in several different languages. Animotica is one of the best animation apps recommended by the Educational App Store.

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Once the application has been downloaded the user is shown a delightful, exciting opening screen that gives a welcome tour of the software. This can be skipped, but as a first time user, we recommend that you watch this informative slideshow.

The ‘Home’ dashboard displays several options including ‘Settings’ in the top left providing support along with Privacy Settings. Other options include:

•    Video file conversion for software compatibility.

•    Effect and Adjustments

•    Mute Video

•    Add text, stickers or a logo

•    Convert a video to MP3

•    Video trimming

•    Video Stabilization

•    Adding Background Music

•    Changing the speed of the video

To create a new video press the ‘New Project’ button. Here the user has the option of starting with a fresh project, editing a video, creating a slideshow or rotating a video. We love the simple layout of the interface and how easy it is to navigate with clear and colour buttons.

Once a project title has been entered the user is given various options for the video aspect ratio such as widescreen for YouTube and the like and reduced aspects for other social media outputs such as Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Facebook etc. A chosen area can be designated to where the file is saved.

From here the user can add videos or photo clips. Once again the selection is vast. Users can choose a video or photo form their library, a colour screen insert, an animation GIF or take a video/photo live (please note that the software will require access to your devise camera).

Once the chosen media has been uploaded/created the media is shown on a timeline with the video displayed in real-time at the top. Each piece of content can be edited, deleted or moved along the timeline. Further options can be seen at the bottom of the dashboard, these include:

•    Splitting the video/Photo

•    Editing the duration

•    Editing the video/Photo to fit

•    Rotating the video/Photo

•    Transforming the video/Photo

•    Setting a background

•    Adding motion to the video/Photo

•    Adding an effect to the video/Photo

•    Adjusting the video/Photo

•    Duplicating the video/Photo

•    Deleting the video/Photo

All of these features are incredibly easy to use and the interface is uncluttered and smooth.

Describing all of the features would take some time so we will focus on two:

Adding motion to the video/Photo: Here the user can add a number fo wonderful motions to the video/Photo to enhance its presentation. These can be from a starting point to a finishing point, such as a small rotating photo enlarging as it gets closer to the screen. Often software this is very complicated for the user to use but the simple menu systems make it a pleasure to use. Splitting the video/Photo allows the users to separate the video/Photo into sections where another video/Photo can be added in between.

Other features that the software provides include:

•    A grid system for accuracy

•    The ability to change the videos resolution and aspect whilst editing

•    Colour effects; There is a stunning range of effects that can be added to the video/Photo such as greyscale, sepia, mirror effects, glitch effects, collages effects and more. There are over 40 special effects and transitions.

Stickers: There are several sticker sets to choose from to further enhance your videos.

Once a video has been created, edited and fining tuned it can be saved or uploaded to your chosen platform within minutes.

Animotica is a stunning piece of video/photo editing software that is very easy to use with endless features and options. A video can be created within minutes for use with advertising, social media campaigns, short movies, business promotions and just pure fun!

We were impressed by the number of different video formats that software offered along with an array of wonderful filters and effects.

Animotica comes highly recommended by The

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  • Animotica - Video Editor & Movie MakerAnimotica - Video Editor & Movie MakerAnimotica - Video Editor & Movie MakerAnimotica - Video Editor & Movie MakerAnimotica - Video Editor & Movie Maker

Publisher's Description

Animotica is an Easy-To-Use Video Editor, Movie Maker and Slideshow Video Maker for Windows 10. With this app you can easily join, split, trim and combine video and photo, add music, add voiceover, add transitions, scale, rotate video, adjust color and image, apply Chroma Key effect, add animated titles and captions, stickers, custom logo with amazing animations, apply Blur Background for video, make slow or fast video, make square video for Instagram or vertical video for Instagram Stories and IGTV and more.

Just to try this Video Editor to understand how to easily create own video clip, movie or slideshow for YouTube or Instagram. Animotica is an easiest and best video editor for beginner YouTube and Instagram vloggers. Create marvelous videos, share personal moments and explore the video world. Make your ideas stand out on social media. Operate with various options not only for YouTube and Instagram but other Social networking websites.

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