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About Animation Kit

Animation Kit is an app that is easy to use and child-friendly for creating exciting animation sequences using drawings, photos, shapes and text. It is suitable for children from 6 to 12 years and the application is initially free (1 project and 3 exports) with in-app purchases for unlimited projects and project exports. The application is free from in-app adverts and is available on the iOS platform and Android platforms in the near future. Animation Kit is available for free to download on iPad devices.

Animation Kit Review

Once the user has opened Animation Kit, they are greeted by a welcoming splash screen with an accompanying tutorial. This helpful tutorial will take the user through the application and its features. The prompts and visuals were easy to follow and a young user can create their first animation unsupported. The developers may consider the use of audio instructions to support those with reading difficulties in the future and the possibility of providing the application in other languages. It is one of the simplest and neatest animation apps.

How does Animation Kit work?

Once the tutorial has finished the application display a clean and simple Home dashboard. The ‘information’ icon in the top right, which has a parental lock, displays the apps current Purchase history. This free application allows the user to create 1 free project. Unlimited projects and exports can be purchased via the application. 

The Home dashboard has three tabs: ‘My Projects’, ‘Templates’ and ‘Tutorials’.

‘My Projects’ displays the animations that have been created with a delete option.

‘Templates’ displays readily available templates for the user to use. We would have liked to have seen more of these templates as there are only four. Other templates could include a school, beach, forest, town, Summer and an ocean floor. The developer will continue to update these.

‘Tutorials’ displays the initial tutorial that was shown at the beginning of the application along with advanced animation skills which include moving a frame, deleting a frame, drawing a curved path and grouping/ungrouping objects.

Creating a new animation couldn’t be easier by pressing the ‘Make new’ icon on the ‘My Projects’ page.

The main project screen displays toolbars on both left and right of the screen and the timeline frame bar at the bottom. There is also a ‘settings’ icon in the top left which allows the user to export their animation via the camera roll as an animation video. The user can also adjust a number of other option in the ‘Settings; menus such as background colour, total frames, speed and positioning of objects (snap on/off).

The toolbar on the left displays the following features:

A Paint Palette – An adjustable sized brush and eraser accompanied by a colour palette on the right-hand side. The developers could consider adding a feature to fill a line design with colour once it has been closed up. 

A shape menu – Add shapes such as circle, square, triangles, hexagons, stars, clouds and many more. Once the shape is in place it can be altered in size, rotated, made transparent, coloured, duplicated, grouped, deleted and locked using the menu that appears on the righthand side.

Library – This allows the user to use the camera to take pictures or add a picture form the devices photo library.

Text – Text can be created using this tool and once again it can be altered in size, rotated, made transparent, coloured, duplicated, grouped, deleted and locked using the menu that appears on the righthand side. We were unsure whether the application provided a different style of font.

Once the desired shapes, text and pictures have been animated the fun can really begin.

Using the timeline at the bottom of the screen the user can adjust the frame to the starting and finishing positions and move the shape to animate it. The shape provides a linked trail line that displays the path of the object. You can see the object animated by playing the timeline at the bottom. The animation feature is so easy to use and even the youngest of users can soon master the animation in little time, unsupported by parents and teachers. We like the feature of creating an arc on the animated trail by adjusting the points. This makes for a fun and realistic animation where the options are endless. This can also be found in the Advanced Skills section of the tutorials.

If the user makes a mistake, they can use the forward or backwards undo icons at the top of the screen. The developers could consider offering an ‘onion skin’ option as used by many other animating packages to show the movement of the object as a transparent image before it is animated. Once the masterpiece has been created it can be seen in the ‘My Project’ tab of the home dashboard. The animation can also be exported as an MP4 file using the ‘Export’ icon situated on the top right of the animation screen. The animation is saved to the user's device.

Is it any good?

What we love about ‘Animation Kit’ is the simplicity and ease at which a complex animation can be created in a short space of time. Our users found the application very intuitive and easy to navigate. The application has the potential to be used in many areas of the curriculum such as computer science, art, animation, storyboarding and more. 

Animation Kit provides a tool for created simple or complex animation at home or within the classroom and comes highly recommended By The

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Download Animation Kit

You can download Animation Kit on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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