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Animath - Math Solver & Helper

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Suitable for ages - Ages 18 and older
Secondary School Apps (11-14 Years)
Secondary School Apps (14-18 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Maths

Great for - Academic Relevance

Animath - Math Solver & Helper Features

  • See your calculated answer appear step by step with animation that enhances the clarity of the process
  • Multiple themes to make the app suit your preferences
  • No internet dependency for calculations at any time and any place
  • Responsive to screen size – making full use of larger screens to provide on-screen information
  • Calculation history to review past problems
  • Permanently free features for non-subscribers


Animath is a subscription-based app set at a comparable price to other math tools. It is a free download and provides a fully functional calculator. The premium version unlocks the themes and the animated steps, which the free version partially restricts.

Is it good for learning?

The multiple colour themes in the app could help those with colour-vision difficulties or dyslexia read the information more easily.

Benefits for Students

Calculators traditionally provide answers through a hidden mechanism, which limits their effectiveness as a learning tool. Animath's features turn a calculator into a student revision and reminder tool.

Animath's step-by-step breakdowns are superb.

For example, Animath breaks down 45 divided by 25 into the following steps:

  • Write the division as a fraction
  • Cancel out the common factor 5
  • Answer

The above is a simple demonstration, but it lets me highlight some of the key benefits. Animath doesn't overburden you with information if you don't need it but supports you if you do. Cancelling out a common factor might not need explaining, in which case students can move on. But, if they do need a reminder, they can expand that step with more detail.

What I can't show you, but what enhances the explanation, are the animations. They strengthen the description of the process. When told to rewrite as a fraction, the numbers glide from their original position to their new one. In more complicated calculations, this will be helpful for students to track how to reformat problems.

Additional marks striking out numbers for cancellations also add clarity.

Benefits for Teachers

Students often need simple reminders when learning something new in math, especially if it builds upon previously studied topics. However, these simple reminders typically require students to wait for their teacher's input at school.

Animath provides these hints at the most timely point in the math work and makes it relevant to the problem at hand. It frees up teachers from this role, letting them concentrate on delivering more in-depth information for those who desire it or increasing support to those who need it.

Mirroring this app to a class screen will make it easier for teachers to provide ad-hoc explanations more clearly than handwriting on a whiteboard. They can enter the question and talk through the steps with their class without worrying about making errors or keeping their writing clear.

Benefits for Parents

Animath is a convenient and effective reminder for parents who once knew how to do some aspects of math they have since forgotten. With a reminder provided by Animath, they will be in a better position to explain to kids and have a clear idea of how to break problems down. 

Parents will find this helpful to support kids with homework or if they homeschool their kids.


Animath describes itself as a math solver, and it does indeed solve math problems. However, math solver has become a term associated with apps which take a photo of a written problem and then solve it for you, which is not what Animath does.

This perception is not the app's fault, but buyers should ensure they buy Animath for what it does well rather than through a misconception. 

Animath does not (yet) provide all of the functionality of a complete scientific calculator, although it goes much further than a simple four-function calculator. It can work with powers and square roots, for example. I hope it continues to expand its functionality to higher-level math. In the meantime, check the app's screenshots to understand which functions it does support.

Download Animath - Math Solver & Helper

You can download Animath - Math Solver & Helper on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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Our reviewer's recommendation

Animath is an excellent tool for any math student or somebody who helps learners. It works effectively for revision, explanation, and experimentation in math. Parents, students, or teachers could all find a use for it. When judged against the functions and features it promises, Animath is a five-star app.