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The Animals Farm for kids is an Android app that aims to help young children (aged 2-5) learn basic activities and jobs done in the countryside inside a farm. Young children will meet animals such as chickens, ducks, and pigs and do activities such as milking cows, cutting wood, picking fruits from trees, and grinding seeds into flour. The app is translated into ten different languages. It is simple and easy to use and children friendly. 

Teacher Review

The Animals Farm for kids is an Android app that aims to help young children (aged 2-5) learn basic activities and jobs done in the countryside inside a farm. There is a free and a paid version of the app available. Young children will meet a number of animals such as chickens, ducks, cows, and pigs and activities such as milking cows, cutting wood, picking fruits from trees, and grinding seeds into flour. Children are asked to perform these activities and learn for example, where the milk, cheese, and honey come from, how to fix a fence and how to replace the tires on a tractor.

When children load the app, they are presented with a farm (a house, a barn, a will etc). On the right-hand side of the screen, there is an icon for choosing the language of instructions. There is a choice of ten languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. A number of circles with images depict different activities children can engage with. These circles are placed as a layer on top of the farm image. By pressing a circle, children are presented with oral and written explanations of what they have to do. For example, to fix a fence, they are asked to drag and drop fence rails into the proper place and with a hammer fix the nails. A question mark is available on the screen for children to use if they want to repeat the instructions. Given the young age of children, it would be more useful if oral explanations were accompanied by a demonstration on the screen of what children should do (e.g., a moving hand) rather than written text as children are less likely to read the instructions. Similarly, the design would be improved if activities were better embedded in the farm landscape, for example, the fence near the farm house could flash and the cows could move around to indicate that children can interact with them.

An applause sound confirms that an activity has been successfully completed by children. Yet, this is not very noticeable, especially if the volume of the mobile device is low.  A scoring system (e.g., collect stars for every successful activity) would help record progress and make it more visible to children. Ongoing rewards and feedback can effectively support learning and engagement. Towards this direction, organising activities in terms of level of difficulty - introducing easy ones first and navigating to more difficult ones later - would meet diverse skills and children's needs. A levelling-up and scoring system would be very useful in this respect. 

Navigating from one activity to another is simple and straightforward. The paid version of the app is free from in-app purchases and advertisements. It also gives nine additional activities for children to interact with. It would be helpful if the option to change the language of instructions was password protected for use only by parents and explanations as to what the app does and how it helps children were added.

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Developer Description

Intellectual development of the child can be stimulated from the very birth. From the outset, various toys and aids for our toddler are also useful to fully exploit their enthusiasm and willingness to learn. When our child grows, s/he begins to discover interesting world around them and our job is to help in it. We believe that this application will be very useful in this.

The task of an application called "Animal farm for the kids" is to present the basic work in the countryside. It will allow your child to meet the basic animals (such as chickens, ducks, cows, pigs) and activities in the country. The child also learns where does the milk, cheese, honey come from, how to fix a fence or replace the tires on the tractor.

This knowledge will be gained by performing tasks such as unscrewing the wheels in the tractor (by moving the wrench on the nut), mowing the grain, feeding animals and many others.

This application teaches a cause and effect relationship and stimulates the child's senses through image, sound and touch.

The application is designed for kids between 2 and 4 years, but my baby loves it as well, although he's only 2.5 years old. This application was created by me as a parent, so that the child could more easily get to know the world around them on cloudy days when going out for a walk is not so simple.

I intend to develop this application, so I will be grateful for any suggestions and advice.

WE ALSO ENCOURAGE YOU TO EVALUATE THE APPLICATION. If interest in the application is high, we will certainly create new scenes.

In case of any errors in the game, please contact us by email! 
Have a nice use of the application, and the same a nice upbringing of loved and capable toddlers!

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