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Animal Sounds & Spell for Kids is a delightful talking picture book app that features crisp images, narrated by a 6 year old ("The Dog says Woof!"), spelling of the words ("Cat...C-A-T ") along with talking letters (touching the letter B on screen reveals "B is for Boy", etc). The app helps children (and anyone who is new to English) to learn the names of animals, as well as help them to recognize and learn the names of letters of the English alphabet.

Your little one will love viewing the crisp images and touching the faces of the animals to hear about them over and over!

Perfect for preschool, kindergarteners, and 1st & 2nd graders - the app is extremely easy to use and is a great way for little ones to learn the names of letters and animals.

This Full version contains lots more fun animal photos, sounds, and spelling of words! Buy it now - hours of entertainment for your kids! Keep them busy and buy this app now.

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