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Animal Sounds!

This is the perfect app to have a good time with your children, or simply to laugh a little with your friends!

Enjoy with all these features:

✔ Listen the characteristic sound of more than 30 different animals

✔ Teach your children the name of the animals on different languages

✔ Listen the name of the animals with the TTS feature

✔ Set your child's favorite picture as wallpaper on your device

✔ Set your favorite sound as ringtone, notification or alarm tune!

✔ All images and sounds have high quality

### Please help us to translate the app. See email at the end of description ###


★★★ Very easy to use app ★★★

- Drag the gallery to change the image of the animal

- Click on the image to hear the animal sound.

- Double tap on the image to zoom it.

- Press Menu -> "Set as .." for set the animal as the device wallpaper, or configure the sound as ringtone, notification or alarm tune.

Animals included in the app: Dog, Horse, Duck, Pig, Rooster, Seal, Cricket, Jaguar, Penguin, Monkey, Elephant, Cat, Lion, Horse, Tiger, Donkey, Peacock, Cow, Goat, Zebra, Chicken, Eagle, Bird, Fly, Frog, Sheep, and more in the future..


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If you want to add some feature or find a bug send us an email.

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