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Animal Jam Review

Animal Jam: Virtual Pet Design provides a kid-friendly online world where a community meets, chats, plays, explores, and, of course, collects and nurtures virtual pets. It all takes place in the explorable 3D world of Jamaa.

You can download Animal Jam for free. The app allows kids to chat, so parents should ensure they set up a parental account to tune the chat experience to what they feel is acceptable. In-app purchases give kids access to extra in-game items but are not essential to enjoy the app.

Animal Jam is available for free to download on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks.

App Information

Games Games

Suitable for ages - Primary School Apps (7-11 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Games

Great for - Engagement and Usability

Animal Jam Features

  • 3D virtual world with a variety of activities, games, and social interactions.
  • Collection and customization of virtual pets.
  • Parental control options for chat and in-app activities.
  • Available on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks.

Animal Jam Pricing

Signing up directly through the app's web page is a good tip to get more for your money if you subscribe. The cost is the same, but your kids will get more in-game currency than if you subscribe through your device's app store.

The app uses sapphires as its premium in-game currency and gems for non-premium purposes. Players can enjoy the app without making any payments and trade with other players for things they want. The app will nudge players towards subscribing occasionally.

Kids will trigger in-app purchase offers as they play. These are not essential but unlock a few extra features and cosmetic options. If kids activate the buying option, a parental lock will appear as an arithmetic question. They are pretty weak protections as we'd expect a typical child aged 9 to 11 to be able to answer them with little difficulty.

Your standard app store protections (password, face, or touch) will still be needed to complete the purchase, so ensure your kid's device has them in place. The app's developers highlight the need to do this, and should be your primary protection against in-app purchases for all apps your kids use.

Is it good for learning?

The ratio of entertainment to education in this app firmly favours entertainment. Animal Jam includes some educational content about the natural world. The app provides these as written snippets, videos, and creative activities.

The nurturing of the in-game pets could also form the basis for learning about responsibility and caring for others.

Screenshots for Animal Jam

  • Animal JamAnimal JamAnimal JamAnimal JamAnimal Jam


  • Extensive selection of engaging activities suitable for kids.
  • Encourages creativity through pet customization and in-game creation tools.
  • Effective parental controls and safety features for child protection.
  • Beautiful graphics and sound design enhance the user experience.
  • Offers educational content about the natural world.


  • Small text size on phone screens can affect accessibility.
  • Educational content may be overstated compared to its actual learning value.

What is Animal Jam?

Animal Jam's suffix of Virtual Pet Design does not do the app's content justice. It satisfies kids' urge to complete collections with many pets to collect, which they can customise. In addition, they can play high-quality minigames, design and customise, interact with a community of worldwide players and get creative.

There is a massive amount for kids to do in the app, and they will also have the chance to learn some facts about the natural world.

Kids can get a lot of entertainment from playing this app without parents having to spend anything. They will likely ask you to help them get some of the premium currency in the game, but it is not essential.

What we like about Animal Jam

Young kids want entertainment from apps in the same way as older kids and adults. However, safety concerns and appropriate content are always concerns.

Animal Jam's design and safety features reflect the age of its target audience to give them more of the experiences they want with the enhanced protection parents expect.

What they will find in Animal Jam is a huge selection of activities that will provide various play experiences in the same world. There are many different games, virtual pets to collect and customise, friends to socialise with and much more.

Creative kids can make pictures, objects and tunes in the app. The resulting creations are human-moderated; once approved, kids can display them or give them to an in-game friend.

All of this fun takes place in a world realised with beautiful graphics and sound. This is a subscription app, but it might be the only entertainment app subscription you need for your kids.

Is Animal Jam app safe to use?

Animal Jam asks users for permission to send notifications; you can reject this without a problem.

Animal Jam has a very clear safety page to help parents. Its advice is good for this app and as a general guideline for staying safe online. Sadly, there was a broken link where it explains how to block other players who are not displaying good manners, but hopefully this will be fixed soon.

If your kids use this app, you should take advantage of the opportunity to inform them about not sharing private information and what to do if anything makes them uncomfortable.

See the guidelines here.

Animal Jam is a big app with some play experience determined by others playing within its world. While we did not see any examples of inappropriate chat or content during this review of Animal Jam, this is not to say that it is impossible that some could sneak through.

The app uses automated moderation to protect kids from inappropriate chat. No moderation, human or machine, is instantaneous or perfect, so kids must know how to behave towards others and respond to inappropriate behaviour.

You also have some control over how kids can chat. The safe chat option lets kids type words from a moderated list. Bubble chat does not allow free-form text. Instead, players select from ready-created prompts.

Kids can always view other players' responses regardless of how their own chat options have been set. 

Kids can play the app as a guest, but to access many of its features, they must create a username and password and give their caregiver's email address. The app assumes that the email belongs to parents, but it cannot validate this assumption. This parental consent seeking is a weak spot with any apps that seek parent approval via email, not just Animal Jam.

The problem exists more for those who do not want their kids to use Animal Jam than those who do. If you are willing to consent, then kids have no reason to circumvent your email.

Benefits for Students

The variety and quality of the content in Animal Jam make it an ideal hub for kids' entertainment. With this app, kids could go for a long time without playing another app.

It ticks many boxes for what kids want - games, social interaction, collecting, exploration, discovery, experimentation and more.

Benefits for Teachers

Animal Jam is not designed for use in schools.

Benefits for Parents

Animal Jam gives parents much control over how their kids use the app or if they can at all. Once kids have created their accounts, they must seek parental approval through email. Parents could, at this point, block their kids' use of the app.

The main caveat is that there is no mechanism for ensuring the email account belongs to an appropriate adult. Assuming parents and kids are working together to set up a user account, the app keeps parents well-informed and in control.

Caregivers can choose whether their kids can trade items in the app, give gifts to friends in the app, and whether they can view video-based advertisements to earn rewards. Each is separately controlled. Parents can also view the disciplinary record of their kids, so if they have received a suspension for using bad language, for example, you'll see it.

The safeguards worked during this review of Animal Jam, with the ensuing 1-day suspension administered for testing them delaying the review's completion.

Download Animal Jam

You can download Animal Jam on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Animal Jam app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Data and Safety

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Animal Jam app easy to use?

To an adult unused to such apps, Animal Jam looks complex. Kids pulled in by the undeniable attractiveness of the app, the helpful guiding features, and their experience with other games will soon be a happy part of the Animal Jam world.

Learning the app's features, playstyles, and activities are all part of its appeal and encourages kids to explore.

What age is it appropriate for?

Animal Jam is ideally suited for kids aged nine to eleven. Parents have options in the app to change the chat features to reflect their kids' maturity and responsibility level.

Our reviewer's recommendation

Animal Jam is jam-packed with activities, games and content that kids will love. The collecting, upgrading, playing and chatting activities appeal to players of all ages and, joined with lots of nudges from the game to encourage engagement, could become a favourite pastime.

We fully commend Animal Jam for putting in place the guidelines and options to give parents control over their kids' app use.