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About Animal ABC 3D

An attractive app aimed at helping young people learn the alphabet in a visual way

Animal ABC 3D Review

This app has a very simple goal; to help young people learn the alphabet through sight recognition of letters linked to animals. However it goes about it in a very effective and well-designed way.

On opening the app you are welcomed to a homepage that has a couple of different options from it. Although there is no option for a user guide the app itself is pretty self-explanatory. This has a lot to do with the distinct focus of the app which is solely focussed on the link between letters and corresponding animals. However, it may have been good to have some sort of, albeit, short explanation about how to use the app for those not necessarily familiar with apps like this. There is a button that gives a bit more information about the developer so maybe this is where a short explanation could have gone? The information given on developer tab also lacks a link to the developer website which would also have been useful. The developer website itself is just as attractive as the app. There are other apps from the developer on there with links to the app store and other android stores, to download the app. There are also a number of ways to contact the developer from the website, including phone numbers and email addresses which are very useful. To build on the website it would be good to have had some information about each of the apps to add to the picture of the app and a link to the relevant stores to purchase it.

Back in the app, other options from the front page include a link to rate the app in the app store, to share information about the app via Facebook, to play the main game of the app or to play the shorter, puzzle games related to the main app game. The shorter puzzle games are two games based around the recognition of letters and animals. On the letter puzzle game the app asks the user to select the letter that it calls out. The user then has to choose from 6 letters on the page the correct letter. In each of the games the navigation back to the previous page or back to the homepage is accessed through a link at the top of the page however this is found mainly through trial and error and this where some instructions making it clear may have been useful.

The other puzzle game is based on the animals that are linked to the letters in the main app game. The user again has a selection of 6, this time animals, from which they are to select the one that the app calls out. As mentioned before these animals are the same ones that appear in the main app game as the animals related to each of the letters of the alphabet. Due to this I would suggest that the puzzle games could be used like an extension activity to compound the knowledge gained in the main app game, although they could also be used as standalone games themselves. 

Back on the home screen the user can select to play the main app game. Once they have done this they are taken to a page that contains, one by one, the letters of the alphabet (in capitalised form). There is an option at the top left of the page to display, in a small tab on the left of the page, a quick letter selection where the user can jump to specific letters should they wish to. The letters appear in alphabetical order, helping young people to learn this order themselves. At the bottom right of the page the next letter is shown, again to also help with this part of learning the alphabet. The main part of the page though is taken up with the letter that is the focus. Once the user clicks on the letter it is transformed into a 3D image of the corresponding animal, for instance A becomes Alligator and B becomes Butterfly.  The graphics are extremely good and the transformation of the letters into animals can create a lot of delight from young people. In fact my 2 and 5 year old both loved guessing what animal the letter might turn into and were delighted to see the ‘magic’ happen! 

The app, from this perspective is certainly enjoyable and the graphics and easy usability definitely aid in this. However, I would suggest there are a couple of improvements that could be made. For instance, when learning the alphabet young people need to also be given the sounds of the letters. This is to help them enable the language that they are going to need when they begin to read. If the only know letters by their names and not their sounds this can hinder their reading process. It would have been good therefore to also have the sounds of the letters read out alongside the names of the animals the letters were turning into. Not quite as important as the sounds but something that would make the app even better would be to also see the letters in their lower case form. Although the app is good at helping with the recognition side of letters with these additions it could also have a much better educational application. It is also worth noting that the voice over throughout the app has an American dialect so there is a little discrepancy for UK users and animal selections. 

Overall though this app is useful for helping young people learn, through site, the letters of the alphabet.


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Zeeshan Ahmed

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