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Invite and make friends with animals round the globe to your home with Animals4D. It enables kids to experience the wildlife in life-size like never before.Animals4D is packed with amazing features like "SpellMe", which helps kids to spell & pronounce the name of the animals right. It also has an innovative feature like "AboutMe", help kids to know about the animal's life style and class.Cool, Angry, Attack are the exclusive features in which animal's express different moods.

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Developer Description

New updates:
- Interaction feature including: Rabbit, Frog, Monkey, Queen bee, Horse, Cow, Elephant. Download food card at
- Swap camera (Front & Rear camera)
- Rotate animal 90 degree
- Zoom in/out animal in AR mode


Flashcards are no longer boring with Octagon 4D+. Created by Octagon Studio, Animal 4D+ is a fast and lightweight app that allows you to scan the printed animal cards and witness how the animals come alive right before your eyes!

The Animal 4D+ app brings you a new way of seeing animals in Augmented Reality. This gives you an unforgettable experience and will always leave a smile on the faces of children and adults alike.
Animal 4D+ gives you both interesting and informative facts about animals through A to Z such as the Ant, Giraffe, Horse, Elephant and Iguana.

With the scan option and using the Animal 4D+ Alphabet cards the animals spring to life. Have a giraffe on the palm of your hand or maybe you’d prefer a lion instead. You can scan a number of cards at once, why not make a zoo out of it.

Examine some of these animals up close with the 3D option. This turns that 2D sketch into a 3D moving animation which allows you to spin, turn and zoom in and out of each animal.

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