Ancient Greece by KIDS DISCOVER

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Teacher Overview

Packed full of interesting and useful information about ancient Greece, this magazine-style app makes a great reference for learning about history and also just for general reading.  In addition to the magazine section there are also a few interactive activities.

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Inside the app

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From the Developer

Take a virtual tour of the Parthenon, learn all about the Greek Gods, and discover fascinating facts about life in Ancient Greece with this interactive reading experience for kids!

In this app you'll learn about:

  • Greek Gods
  • Athens
  • The Olympics
  • Life in Ancient Greece
  • Lasting Achievements
  • Greek Drama, Literature, and Architecture

Features include:

  • Interactive 3-D models
  • High-definition video and audio
  • Hi-res photographs, cartoons, and animations
  • Easy-to-read, accessible writing
  • Quizzes, puzzles, and other fun games
  • Plus…optimized for the iPad Retina display
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