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Ancient Art History 101

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  • Ancient Art History 101Ancient Art History 101


Introducing "Ancient Art History 101: The TextVook," an informed, eight chapter crash course on Ancient Art History that will get you up-to-speed in no time. Whether you're looking to brush up on your art history, strengthen your knowledge, or inform your next trip to the museum, this is the perfect way to get the facts. Dr. Vook, Ph.D guides you through this practical TextVook, combining text AND engaging animations that will leave you feeling confident about The History of Ancient Art. Download it now!

In Ancient Art History 101: The TextVook, Dr. Vook will give you an introduction to Ancient Art, beginning with its Prehistoric origins. You'll explore the art of early Mesopotamia and Persia, Hellenic Greece, Classical Rome, Egypt, and Western Europe, from the ancient Mediterranean through its influence today. As usual, Dr. Vook has it all covered.

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