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About Anatomy | The Human Body

Arloon Anatomy is a pretty versatile app that details every part of the human body with 3D imagery, giving you a very good look of the crucial body parts. It’s comprehensive information and 3D anatomy is second to none. The app details every part of the human body with 3D imagery, giving you a very good look of the crucial body parts. There are over 5,000 anatomy objects and health conditions, fluid controls for viewing and zooming, select and dissect objects, audio support, add or remove layers, quizzing, share models, sync customized models, read detailed descriptions, toggle labels on and off, take screenshots and annotate, great for students or medical personnel and more. 

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Anatomy | The Human Body Review

The most interactive learning experience” is the Arloon Anatomy app tagline and cannot be disagreed with. The app divides the human anatomy in to 8 sections which can be explored by this excellent augmented reality 3D app. In the learn section the user can investigate each section in great detail and 3D. Each structure in each section can then be investigated in greater detail with its physical location and full medical terminology used. A data card is presented to give the user more information. The user can also use a printed glyph or project on to a real body the section of the particular anatomy being investigated. Aimed at secondary school age children the Arloon Anatomy app is an absolutely fantastic resource to learn about the human anatomy in a fun, informative, and scientifically sound way.

When opening the app, there are three sections to choose from. A learn section, an exercise section and a settings section. In the settings section the user can select English or Spanish languages and turn the sounds on or off.

The exercise sections are broken down in to three sub-sections allowing the user to search for an item or section of the human anatomy, take a test or take a quiz. In the last two sections the user can chose one of the eight sections, number of questions and how long to answer each question. Back in the learn section the app is separated in to eight main sections covering the whole human anatomy.

In each sub section the user can zoom, rotate and select each of the structures in each section. Three buttons allow the user to see further data on each structure and the ability to remove the structure in order to reveal more structures below. This is the electronic equivalent of dissection. Very useful to be able to do this in order to see where each structure fits in with its neighbouring structures. Labels pop up and point to where the structure is within the body. Continually on the left hand side there are five buttons; Home, Back, Add, Tour and the augmented reality (AR) button.

The Add button allows the user to add structures from any other section, For example, from within the muscular section the user can add structures from the nervous system. The Tour button is a real bonus point. It takes the user on a virtual tour of that system. It is possible to take a tour of the digestive system in seven sections with great visuals and a data card that explains exactly what each structure and system does. With the AR button the user has the option to use with a printed glyph or project on to a real person to investigate each structure in 3D. This is where the Arloon Anatomy app scores highly as this will really engage learners in a very big way.

There cannot be a teenager around who would not find it absolutely fascinating, hilarious and just a little bit gruesome in pointing a device at their school friends to see how their guts work. It’s a really clever way to “hook” learners in to accidently learning the gross anatomy of the human body. It is far more rewarding and will provide far deeper learning and retainment of knowledge by the user when compared against purely using physical written or rote learning, even via a video or television programme, as they are choosing what they are learning.

The Arloon Anatomy app will engage boys very well as there is a degree of challenge in the quiz section. Overall a very engaging, scientifically sound and visually pleasing app that any Biology teacher really should have in their arsenal of pedagogical weaponry to engage learners in a very memorable way.

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