Anatomy and Physiology I

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From the Developer

Bold Type Media: Anatomy and Physiology I is a study app to help you master first semester college level Anatomy and Physiology. This app will save you hours of writing out your own flash cards. You won’t have to buy all those bulky, expensive, index cards or carry them around. With this app, there is no misplacing or having those hand written cards all out of order. This app has over 2000 flash card style terms to learn, and they are organized into the following subjects.
Human Organism
Chemistry of Life
Integumentary System
Bones and Bone Tissue
Skeletal Gross Anatomy
Muscular System
Muscle Gross Anatomy
Nerve Tissue
Spinal Cord and Nerves
Brain and Cranial Nerves
Integration of Nervous System
Special Senses
Autonomic Nervous System

This app has a Search mode and Study mode. You have the ability to turn off the terms that you know so you can focus on the terms that you need help with.
This application is intended to prepare you for lecture exams in Anatomy. It has no graphics, but is loaded with plenty of description of the terms you need to know to master the subject.

This application requires no network connection and you can study Anatomy and Physiology anywhere at anytime.

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