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About Anatomy 3D: Organs

Anatomy 3D is a reference app, aiming to teach teenagers and young adults about the human body and its internal structure. Anatomy 3D is a large, verbose reference app, primarily for secondary school students. The app provides information on the human anatomy, from the basic cells that make it up to the complex systems of organs that take care of everyday functions. Users also have the ability to rotate 3D models and zoom-in or out on a particular organ or bone of the human body.

Anatomy 3D: Organs Review

Anatomy 3D: Organs is a reference app, aiming to teach teenagers and young adults about the human body and its internal structure. The app presents this information in a number of varied ways, allowing alternative points of view and avenues of understanding. The app opens on a main menu showing a render of a human body with its organs exposed. Various organs are highlighted and if selected will take the user to a page with more detail on that organ. Along the right-hand side of the app, users have options to learn more about the various systems of the body, the types of tissue and the cells within the human body. Along with these options, the user can listen to an introduction to the app, explaining how to use the app and the general layout of the human body. Also on this main menu, users can view a 3D render of the human body complete with organ annotations. This render can be rotated by the user to view the body at different angles, as well as get a better view of organs that can only be seen from the back.

Within each section of the app, users can see annotated diagrams of various parts of the cell, organ or system, as well as the occasional helpful chart or graph. Some sections also come with 3D renders that the user can explore, narration with further information, and very occasionally, videos relating to the subject. All sections come with a link to a relevant glossary, which contains a list of names and terms used in the section, and an embedded browser window. Selecting one of these terms will navigate the browser to the relevant page on Wikipedia. As such, this is the only part of the app which requires an active Internet connection. Many sections also come with a related quiz. These quizzes are made up of a series of questions where the user must identify highlighted parts of the current organ.

The app is structured very much like a textbook, different sections laid out with annotations, full explanations and diagrams. This is coupled with the use of audio information, explorable 3D models of organs and systems, video explanations and examples and glossaries to provide a fully realised educational experience. The use of quizzes is a useful addition for testing the user’s understanding of the app’s content, but could be made even better with a method for tracking user’s scores over time in order to measure progress; without it, the usefulness of the quizzes is fairly limited.

As mentioned before, the app is somewhat textbook-like – complete with verbose explanations and blocks of text, with large amounts of technical language. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem, as it’s expected that the user of this app is of a certain age and level of knowledge, and this is subsided by the use of videos and glossaries, but may still be cumbersome to some users and may limit the app to a revision capacity.

In conclusion, this app is likely to be of great use for revision and furthering understanding of the concepts involved, but there is definitely an accessibility curve. Definitely a must for anyone who could use a different perspective when it comes to understanding the human anatomy.

Though it is possibly too textbook-like and has very limited functionality in terms of testing the user’s understanding, this app has received an EAS Certification of 4 Stars.

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