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American History Books

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American History Books is the container for a number of narrated stories detailing key events in the history of the USA in a child friendly format.  Bold and colourful pictures illustrate the stories that are told through text and spoken word. 

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Developer Description

iStoryBooks is proud to launch our American History Edition on the occasion of American Independence Day.

This app is intended to impart children knowledge of the culture and history of America. The app presents to them the profiles of heroes who built this "land of the free and home of the brave." It narrates to children the great story of how America became a free country. Also, the app introduces children to monuments in America of historical and patriotic significance.

iStoryBooks American History Edition is a growing collection of books about the culture and history of America. At launch the app will introduce the following books to children:

  • Story of Christopher Columbus
  • Story of American Independence
  • Presidents of the United States of America
  • National Monuments of America
  • Story of Thanksgiving
  • George Washington
  • Abraham Lincoln

Each book is rich with beautiful pictures and engaging narration. The app comes with all the cool features of the iStoryBooks platform such as:

  • "Read to me" which when enabled reads books to kids
  • "Movie mode" which when enabled automatically turns the pages
  • Option to save all media on SD card
  • User interface designed for little fingers and inquisitive minds

As we add more books in the future, they will automatically appear in the app. The app is essentially a growing library for growing minds.

This Fourth of July celebrate Independence Day by teaching your children the greatness of this nation. Impart to the next generation the values upheld by America through this interactive app which is loved by hundreds of thousands of children all over the world.

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