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AlphaTots is an excellent tool for helping children learn the alphabet by using Magnetic letters. The app encourages kids to notice print in their environment and Help them spell words they see on signs or books, and let them know what word they've spelled.

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Developer Description

From the creators of the TallyTots Counting comes Alphatots Alphabet - the new educational app designed to teach your kids even more! AlphaTots is an interactive and fun game, which will get your toddler hooked on learning their ABCs!

Have your little ones learn their ABCs by playing fun games, which sound out the letters for them while engaging them in matching puzzles and tasks. Whether they're "B-uilding" robots, "D-igging" for treasure or "Z-apping" alien spaceships, they'll have a blast learning their ABCs and their sounds. It's easy for your kids to learn if they're having fun! Try it free today!

This app is the perfect way to keep your toddlers busy and learning while in the car, at the doctor's office or at home. If you're a preschool teacher, the app works great as a group game where kids take turns and work together to finish the whole alphabet.

All games come with fun cartoon animations that your kids will be sure to love, with sounds to match. Zooming airplanes, whizzing spaceships and talking robots won't be much fun if your child can't hear them!

AlphaTots Alphabet also comes with an ABC sing-along song, so you can have fun singing the ABCs with your toddler, or test them by having them sing their ABCs alone.

Great for kids in preschool or pre-k, AlphaTots Alphabet is the perfect way for your kids to build the foundation they need so they can learn to read. Your kids will find that learning is fun and you'll feel happy knowing that they'll love learning in the years to come.


  • 26 fun and interactive ABC puzzles and matching games that help kids learn the alphabet! Complete with voicing and sounds!
  • An engaging ABC sing-along song that helps kids learn and recite their ABCs and commit them to memory.
  • Large and colorful letter visuals in games and song that your kids can easily read, in both upper and lower case.
  • Safe, worry-free play with a Parent Gate and no third-party ads so your toddler can stay focused on learning without distractions.

The AlphaTots Alphabet app comes complete with all the features, activities and mini-games needed to keep your kids busy and learning.

The AlphaTots Alphabet app is a great way for kids to learn their ABCs in an engaging and exciting way. Your kids will find out that ABCs are fun to learn by playing the touch interactive puzzles designed to both teach and entertain them.

We understand how important learning is for the future of your children. We also understand that you want to encourage a positive attitude towards learning in your kids. The AlphaTots Alphabet app is the perfect way for your little one to discover the joy of learning.

Crafted by Spinlight - a team of talented artists and parents who share a simple goal - to make games
that spark a lifelong passion for learning.

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