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About Alphablocks - Letter Fun

Alphablocks is an app made by teachers and reading experts. It's all built around systematic synthetic phonics, as taught in UK schools. Alphablocks is a step-by-step reading system with episodes, books and more that has helped over a million children learn to read the fun way.

Alphablock is an app designed to help millions of kids remember letters & sounds through play & music.  The popular CBeebies phonics programme comes to your tablet or phone in these two apps. Meet the Alphablocks introduces each letter in alphabetical order; the character sings its letter sound and the corresponding line from the Alphablocks song.

The paid-for app, Alphablocks Letter Fun, offers four mini games for each letter: one where your child has to pop the bubbles that contain the sound; a colouring activity; a game where they have to choose the objects that start with the letter; and one where they have to find the hidden Alphablocks behind a cloud based on the sound. They can also listen to the Alphablocks song in full. The Bafta-winning Alphablocks (iOS and Android) has engaging phonics basics for Nursery to Reception ages, while the Numberblocks app (iOS and Android) covers foundation maths.

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Android, iPad, iPhone



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