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Alphabet School

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Developer Description

A great pre-school App that teaches children to identify and write upper and lower case letters as well as numbers.

Children delight as friendly voice prompts encourage them to choose the correct letter or number from a selection. There is also a template draw mode, where children are shown the shape of the letter and encouraged to draw the shape. Auto detection rewards the child with positive feedback or friendly encouragement to try again.

Parents can play along with their children or allow the voice prompts to direct children, as they play alone. Self-learning helps to build confidence, while they also learn to recognize and write letters and numbers.

- Auto Detection:
Ensures appropriate praise or encouragement is provided. Enables self-learning.

- Letter and number jumble mode:
Voice prompts encourage children to select a letter or number from a jumble of others. Teaching them to associate the audible name of the letter or number with its shape.

- Template draw mode:
Voice prompts and templates encourage children to draw random letters and numbers. This re-enforces the association between the audible name of the letter and its shape, while also improving writing skills. Fully auto detection will reward the child with positive feedback or friendly encouragement to try again.

- Free hand draw mode:
Allows children to practice drawing the numbers and letters they have learnt without any templates. Or they can just be creative and draw you a beautiful picture.

- In App pictures:
There is a picture button that allows you to save pictures to the gallery so you never lose that special drawing.

- Counter:
A star counter allows you to see just how well they’ve done. Especially useful for self-learning.

- High resolution graphics support Phone and Tablets.

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