Alphabet Animals: by Suse MacDonald (in StoriesAlive)

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Alphabet Animals is now a premium storybook in StoriesAlive app. StoriesAlive is a digital library of interactive storybooks and creative workbooks for children ages 3-8.

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Teacher Review

Alphabet Animals is a beautifully illustrated app that resembles a pop-up book for early years children who are beginning to learn the alphabet. It is apparent that great care has been taken to make sure that the illustrations incite the senses and are interactive. The app acts like a pop-up story-book where you or your child can interact with the book when you touch and slide the animals and letters.  Each page is a letter in the shape of an animal and on each page there is a pull-out slide for a page with the letter in the usual format. When the left page with the animal in the shape of the letter (with the type of animal beginning with that letter), is touched, the name of the animal is spoken. The same happens when the letter is touched;  you can hear the name of the letter clearly.  The voice-over is very clear as the words are expressed slowly.  The only downside is that the accent is American and the letter “Z” in particular is pronounced “zee” not “zed” in British-English. Therefore, if you want your child to learn British-English or another type of accent, you may have to explain the concept of accents or will  have to teach both ways of pronouncing the letters and words.

A great add-on to the app is there is a game that tests your child’s understanding of the alphabet which consists of spelling your name (or any other word that you like) and then inserting the animal-shaped letters, it won’t test the spelling but, it does test for the association between the animal letters and the letters themselves. This is great for early cognitive development as it strengthens the association between the shapes of the animals and the letters. Something that I particularly enjoyed is the positive-reinforcement teacher at the end.When the child makes the correct associations, the app makes a huge cheering sound in order to celebrate the success!

Overall, the quality of the app is very good. The illustrations are very engaging and intuitive to follow in order to interact with. The colours are vibrant and the art design in itself  is what makes the app so engaging too.  Adults and toddlers alike will be enchanted.  The child can be left alone to interact with the book and go through the pages however, to begin with it would probably be wise to have adult guidance so to keep the child practicing and repeating after the voice-over in order to encourage learning. The game is a little more complicated to engage with unless adult supervised but, with the help of an adult, simple words can be spelt out in order to find the associations between the letters and animal letters thereby laying the foundation for an understanding of the use of symbols, letters, extending animal vocabulary

From the Developer

Alphabet Animals is a fun book app by the **Winner of Caldecott Honor**, Suse MacDonald.

In this app, animals – from an Alligator to a Zebra – take the shapes of all the letters in the alphabet. Each animal represents a different letter – but what could it be? To find the answer, children can tap on the Animal to hear its name, tap to Pull the card and hear the Alphabet. This app is simple enough for children to learn their ABC’s and expand their vocabulary while giving parents the visual treat of Suse MacDonald’s unique artwork.

Alphabet Animals is a part of the Auracle line from Auryn Inc. and is based on Suse MacDonald’s book by the same name.

- Learn the Alphabets
- Learn Animal names
- Teach the shape of alphabets with the “Game” section in the app

- What is the color of and Alligator, tiger, horse, etc
- To write various names in the “Game” section and match the animal shape to the letters.

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