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About All The World: Better Learning

All the World is a video-based service that delivers a very holistic array of topics to young children.  Covering both classroom and general interest topics, it provides a great basis for children's future learning.

All The World: Better Learning Review

It has become easier for content creators to make learning videos but the delivery of them can be problematic.  Inappropriate advertisements, unsuitable search results, and varying quality mean that children can miss out on good videos as parents try to keep their children safe. All the World provides safe, high-quality videos that parents can feel completely at ease letting their child browse and access.

There are two parts to what you get with All the World. One is the video content that is what will have attracted you to the service.  The other is the app, which is how you and your child access and interact with the content.

The app does its job perfectly.  It presents the various videos in an intuitive browsable and accessible format. The most recent video is easy to find and, if a topic gains your child's interest, you can easily peruse the many past videos that relate to it. The videos are controlled by a familiar set of buttons that fade out when it is left to play.  

The only complaint with the app is a slightly quirky screen auto-rotation. If you have your device on a level surface, when you start to play the video it can spin to be upside down.  It is easily solvable. Either tilt the app towards you to re-rotate the screen or rotate the device to be in the orientation it seems to prefer.  It is a very slight bug although it is a little irritating if your device is limited by, for example, a power cord.  

The app does its job well.  It mostly disappears into the background and lets the most important part, the video, come to the fore. 

The app has an impressive selection of languages that can be chosen. The videos are carefully shot so that the vocals are mostly delivered by a voiceover.  As such, the different languages can overlay the visuals seamlessly without any distractions of dubbing.  Switching between languages is easy although it would be nice for parents to be able to lock this so that young children don't accidentally select the wrong one and have to work out how to put it right.  For multilingual households, this feature adds extra value.

The videos are very well designed and filmed.  Their content has a nice balance of education and inspiration.  Children learn about the topics and,  where appropriate, are encouraged to follow up their viewing with something practical. For example, a video on growing plants teaches about germination and does so while showing children and parents how they can grow some herbs with household items.  

Typical classroom topics such as the senses, the water cycle and many more are covered as well as general interest ones that cover how different items are made, emotions, and crafts. The back catalogue of videos is now so large that it could be used to support specific learning goals that you choose as well as following the theme introduced by each week's video.

It is easy to see how parents and children could start each weekend by watching the newly released video and following it up with some practical activities.  Depending upon the topic this could be making or growing something, going for a walk to see examples for themselves or visiting a local museum, gallery, or library. Teachers, too, should be able to find useful content to enliven their lessons or from which to glean new ideas.  

You can download the app for free and browse all different types of content. You can also do this directly from the app's website for a truly easy way of appraising the content.

All the World provides a great selection of educational videos that will entertain and inspire young children. They are delivered by an app that is easy to use and fully accessible by a very reasonably priced subscription. Watch a few free videos with your child and get ready to make a weekly appointment with the friendly presenters of the All the World shows.

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