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About AlgoRun : Learn to code

AlgoRun: Learn to code is a powerful 3D platform coding game for learning, practicing and improving algorithmic thinking. The application is rich with features and includes several levels aimed at primary and secondary children. AlgoRun: Learn to code is free to download but offers in-app purchases and is available for iOS and Android for mobile devices and tablets. The application is suitable for ages 4 and above (according to the Appstore) and is free from in-app adverts.

AlgoRun : Learn to code Review

AlgoRun: Learn to code is a powerful 3D platform coding game for learning, practicing and improving algorithmic thinking. The application is ideal for those who wish to understand the basics of coding in a fun interactive way. The application also offers several advanced coding features in the Mastery section of the app. It is noted that the application plays in a portrait mode.

It’s good to know that the application requires no initial login or account making the application easily accessible from the outset. The main home screen features 4 buttons: 

  • Play – This enables the user to enter the ‘Play Mode’
  • Kids – This enables the user to enter ‘Kids’ mode which includes The Basics, Functions, Recursion and Conditionals.
  • Mastery - This enables the user to enter ‘Mastery’ mode which includes The Basics, Functions, Recursion, Conditionals, Tricky and Very Tricky coding levels.
  • Settings – This enables the user to turn the sound on and off, the music on and off, to change the language and to restore previous in-app purchases.

Using the ‘Play’ icon the user enters the world of basic coding starting with ‘the Basics’ where there are 7 levels. The graphics are stunning and the layout is clear and intuitive. Using the coding blocks at the bottom of the screen the user moves the block into the section F1. The aim is to get the cute robot to the finish square with as few coding instructions as possible. The user can move the robot anytime during the coding sequence, but the robot must stay on the platform. Further levels include portals and level 7 opens some excellent features at the top of the screen. These include:

A hints button – The user can use these hints if they are stuck on a level.

A turbo button – The user can now watch the robot move quicker along the platform.

A step by step/replay button – The user can replay the level again.

Once the Basics have been completed the user can now move onto The Functions play mode where there are 6 levels. This advanced visual programming enables users to use functions within a set of codes where instructions can be repeated using a single icon. This is a great level and our users found it quite challenging as the puzzles became more complex. 

Once the user has mastered the Function levels they can move onto Recursion levels which require the user to solve a problem where the solution depends on solutions to smaller instances of the same problem or Conditionals where an action occurs if something specific happens. All of these levels are great fun, challenging and very user friendly.

What skills does it improve?

The application can help with many skills including visual learning, visual coding skills, problem-solving, mathematical skills such as rotation, debugging and algorithmic thinking.

Is AlgoRun: Learn to code app easy to use?

When dealing with the complexities of visual coding there is no easy way to teach this. Many applications provide visual coding platform puzzles and AlgoRun: Learn to code is one of the best. Initially, the application can be daunting. We suggest that the user masters the basics before entering further levels. Our users soon came to terms with the software with a little practice.

How will parents benefit?

AlgoRun: Learn to code is a great way to introduce visual coding to children. Once the application has been used regularly parents can leave their children unsupported. Children will find the robot cute and engaging.

How will teachers benefit?

AlgoRun: Learn to code is very engaging and offers lots of scope for differentiation. This certainly could be used in schools on a tablet device where competitions could be set to see who can complete the given tasks.

How will the user benefit?

It’s great fun! Our users benefitted from the Basics and help features. The graphics interface is visually stunning and the application is intuitive. A great application for those who may want to go onto computer coding.

What we love about the AlgoRun: Learn to code app

The developers have taken a very difficult, complex subject and created a very easy to use application with a variety of features. The robot is very cute and children will find this engaging and appealing. The coding and controls are easy to move and arrange.

What the AlgoRun: Learn to code app could improve on

AlgoRun: Learn to code is a very good application and there is a limited amount of improvements that can be made, however, we have suggested the following:

•          The ability to be able to change the robot character or colour.

•          The ability to be able to change the blue background.

•          The developers might want to introduce a star rating for each level which works out a star rating based on the number of attempts the user has including failed and trialled.

•          A menu to monitor levels completed, including star ratings and attempts.

•          A link to a supportive website which may include instructions for the app along with visuals of further levels and ideas on how to implement the application within the classroom.

How much does AlgoRun: Learn to code cost?

The game has 30 different levels that can be played for free, grouped by the concept being taught. Each level introduces new game elements, such as portals, energy orbs and much more to keep kids captivated.

Algorun for Kids includes 40 easy puzzles, 5 starting hints and 5 extra hints per chapter and can be purchased within the application. Algorun Mastery includes 41 difficult puzzles, 9 optional tutorial levels and no hints, you are on your own.

Is AlgoRun: Learn to code safe to use?

Yes. It was refreshing to see an application that doesn’t require and account or email to start with. The developers may want to consider a parental lock for the in-app purchases.

Overall Rating of the application

By far one of the best visual coding applications we have seen. Not only does it come with a user-friendly platform and a variety of features but it also free! Is AlgoRun: Learn to code comes highly recommended by The

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