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Algoid - Programming language

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Developer Description

Algoid - Educational programming language for kids and beginners.

Want to learn "how to program" ? Algoid is made for you !

Algoid is an educational application for Android that teaches kids, teenagers and why not their parents "how to program".
★★★ With Algoid, learn programming become simple and funny !

Do you remember the Logo programming language ? This friendly turtle / robot that introduces step by step the basics of programming.
Algoid is based on the same idea of visual feedback loop : develop - run / debug - observe turtle that draw result.

★★★ Algoid go further, it embeds a real-time DEBUGGER (the first and so far the only one on Android), a step by step execution mode and SCOPE EXPLORER (for better understanding).
Still further, hide the turtle and develop your own VIDEO GAME directly from your device.

In short, Algoid will turn your Android device into a real development station dedicated to apprenticeship and fun.
Everything you need to become a future developer, whether you are a child, teenager or adult!
The goal of Algoid is to enable everyone to "learn to program" or "learn programming".

---- Highlights ----

Algoid is an all in one app that embeds tree products :
The rich integrated development environment "IDE" :
- Syntax highlighting
- STEP BY STEP execution modes
- real-time SCOPE EXPLORER
- Auto completion
- Syntax error management
- Unlimited Undo/Redo
- UI optimized for small screens

The documentation platform for self apprenticeship
- Tutorials
- Online forum

---- What's algoid is not ? ----

Algoid is not running through SL4A, it integrates its own (homemade) formal language parser. This choice was made to facilitate the debugger, step by step and scope explorer integration.
Its language AL is not Java, but its interpreter and runtime are both written in Java.
Algoid is not a compiler but a scripting language interpreter.
Algoid is not (not yet but I am working on) a c or java ide but a dedicated one for AL.

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