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About Algilez Beginners

This app is aimed at creating a world language to make communication easier for people travelling between countries. The goal of the app is to introduce the language to users and help, through a series of lessons, users learn and become proficient in the language itself. The lessons are broken down into a simple set of processes similar to how any other language would be learned and uses many techniques to help the user become as proficient as possible with the language.

Algilez Beginners Review

This app has been created with the view to create a new language called Agilez to make international communication simpler for people travelling between countries. The language is said to be a fully formed one that has a lot of similarities to a number of the major languages of the world and therefore making it easier to learn for a wider range of users from different countries. The language itself is one that is still being developed especially when it comes to adding to the vocabulary of the language. However, this doesn’t detract from the learning of the language as the app utilises the vocabulary that already exists and so there are no gaps within the app due to this.

In creating a new language from scratch, the developers have tried to make it as simple as possible and this includes logically categorising the meaning of words and only having one, not multiple meanings for each word. The developer has also made the language phonetic so words are pronounced as they are spelt, again aiming to aid the learning process.

The app itself has been developed with language department of Greenwich University which in itself adds a definite sense credibility to the app and its design. As part of the advertising for the app the developers explain that it is not always easy for individuals wanting to learn a new language to attend an evening class or a college session so in making an app that taught a new language they wanted to create one that employed a lot of self-learning. In a test that was undertaken by the University a group of volunteer managed to pick up the basics of the language within 15 hours of study.

Working with the University of Greenwich the developers have stated that the app uses current best practice for the most efficient way to self-learn and as you move through the app there does certainly seem like a lot of research has gone into making this as smooth a process as possible. This is especially needed in an app like this where even though there are some similarities to existing languages it is fundamentally a completely new language itself that people wouldn’t have come across before.

The app itself utilises a lot of the learning processes that you would expect with a language app. Users are able to practice the language through reading and listening to the words and then completing self-tests to gauge their understanding of the words and see where they might need any further learning. The app also encourages whole range of learning so not just asking users to read but also to speak and write to fully immerse them into all aspects of learning a new language.

Overall, although it does seem, on first reading, a strange idea to create a whole new language however the way the developers have gone about this is very sensible. They have researched the best ways for users to learn a language and have employed these within the app. Using the language department of the University of Greenwich also adds that extra sense of credibility to the app and its design.

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Algilez is an artificial language, designed to be much simpler and quicker to learn than any natural language. The idea is for it to become the main form of communication for international use. Algilez has many similarities with existing major world languages, particularly English, but with a much simpler grammar and vocabulary.

The vocabulary is based on 'condensed' English, making it easy to learn for people with knowledge of English, and with short simple words for those who don't.

The whole vocabulary is logically categorised by the meaning of the words. There is a single meaning for each word and words are pronounced as they are spelt.

Questions and requests are indicated by the first word in the sentence. Adjectives & adverbs follow the word they are describing. All these factors enable the listener and reader to begin to understand the meaning of each sentence as it is spoken or read, rather than having to wait until the end.

Due to the relatively simple and entirely regular grammar and vocabulary of Algilez, the lesson content is much easier and more compact than other natural languages, which is a great way to ensure quick learning. Algilez is complete language. It is capable of expressing all of the subtleties and complexities of meaning that occur in any natural language, as well as able to be used for literature, poetry and song writing etc.

Knowledge of another language is not just a convenience for tourists wanting to order a coffee. For many people in the world it is an economic necessity – their livelihoods depend on being able to communicate with other language speakers. Reducing the learning time for a new language would be an economic benefit that would impact on millions of people and is the ultimate target of Algilez.

Although working with other students and a teacher has its advantages, we recognise that many people don't have the time or opportunity to join a class. If you are happy to learn on your own, using a language learning programme on a computer or a mobile device, then this is the app for you.

The app enables you to read and listen to the new language, to practice and self-test, including speaking and writing. The content is the current best practice for efficient self-learning and was produced in conjunction with the language department of Greenwich University, London.

A trial course at Greenwich University with volunteer students, showed that people could pick up the basic grammar in only 15 hours of teaching. A more extensive 30-hour course was carried out with a small group of retired people. By the end they had learnt all of the grammar, a fair amount of vocabulary and were able to converse in the language and write some very impressive short essays. All this in a fraction of the time it takes to learn a natural language.

If you are interested in learning something new, trying something that is fun, mentally stimulating and very different then this is just the thing for you!

Algilez is very new and there is still development work to be done, particularly on adding to the vocabulary. So, for people who’d also like to help contribute to an idea that could have a big impact on language teaching, both in the developed world and particularly in many third world countries, come and join us!