Algebra Touch

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From the Developer

Algebra touch is an interactive app that allows students to be a part of the problem solving process as they manipulate terms, solve equations, and even factor quadratics. The app provides instruction and support for algebraic thinking required by the Common Core State Standards. Whether a student is tapping the plus button to combine like terms, or factoring a number so they can physically slash and simplify, they are actively engaged in solving basic algebra problems. While the goal is for the user to manipulate numbers and terms until the answer is correct, incorrect steps are allowed so students are forced to struggle through the problem until completion. This robust app offers standards aligned content as well as allows students to create their own problems and check answers. The challenge of requiring students to work through problems until they are correct is directly aligned to the Standards for Mathematical practice for attention to precision and persevere at solving problems.
Concepts start with building basics that include adding and subtracting integers, oder of operations, combing like terms and identifying as well as simplifying with factors. It then continues its scope all the way to problems that support algebraic thinking where students solve multistep linear equations that require using the distributive property and other skills developed earlier in the app.
Algebra Touch is one of those fun apps that students will not want to put down. It’s easy to recommend this app for students new to algebra. They will enjoy playing with it for hours with its vibrant design, and all of that playing will help build a greater understanding of algebraic manipulation and a level of confidence for dealing with expressions. This is a complex app that is simple in its execution and highly recommended.
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