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Algebra Start

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This Algebra introduction app is one of a series of apps branded “XR Math” available on the iTunes developed by Allen Robinson. It sets out to provide practise questions and theory when first understanding Algebra. The EAS has certified this app with 5 stars.

Teacher Review

The app is simple in its layout but looks professional and uncluttered. Students can either use this in a classroom environment or individually at home. The opening screen provides excellent detail on how to best use the app, we particularly like the colour coding of the levels of difficulty for each set of questions. This is followed with a basic introduction into Algebraic terms and theories. Once again this is clear and concise.

Each set of questions increase with difficulty. There is an Example button that shows the user how the question should be answered with clear explanations. The question allows you to input an answer with instant feedback from the app. If the answer is correct the user is rewarded and the score logged for that section. If the user fails to answer the question then there is a reminder of how the question should be approached and you can try again.

We really like the sequence of questions but feel the user would benefit from be able to reveal an answer if all else fails. The ability for the app to share scores via other platforms would be an advantage along with the app becoming more personalised for scoring rather than the scores resetting.

The instant feedback for each question is great especially the prompts and occasional funny comment ‘mind your p’s and q’s’.

As most of our working was done on paper, as recommended, we feel that the answers could be revealed in stages rather than the whole answer. The progression of the equations is excellent from basic to moderate to expert; this feature can help the student enter at the right level.

Overall this app delivers a difficult topic in a concise and simple manner. This app compliments all the other Maths Apps in the series and used in conjunction will greater enhance the users understanding of mathematical topics. Good job! 

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Every XrMath App provides a virtually limitless supply of questions to let students DO math.
Intended for classroom use but also suitable for individual work.
Questions can be repeated as often as needed - the numbers are random.
The list of questions is color coded to show the degree of difficulty. The question difficulties range over several grades.
Those students that need to can start with easier questions.
Those who finish quickly can move on to more challenging ones.
The teacher and student chose where to work. They can go back or skip forward, at any time, to get questions that are appropriate.
There are tutorial screens - intended for revision.
Every question has a Example screen showing a worked example, but with different numbers.
Where possible, responses to incorrect answers are helpful.
The question selection list is updated to show how many times each question has been correct answered, so both teacher and student can monitor progress.
The App generates the question and marks the answer, leaving the teacher free to work one-to-one with individuals or groups of students.

In this app the activities include:

Write expressions for 4 more than x, 7 times p, x squared etc.
Write equations like y=x+z for simple length problems.
Simplify expressions like 2・3x, b・5a, 2x・-6z
Simplify p・p・p・q・q, 2x²・4xy³
Expand expressions like 3(x − 2), (x²)³, 4(-3a²)³
Simplify rational expressions like ab/b, x⁸/x²
Evaluate terms like x+3, 2x² when the variable value is given
Recognise like terms.
Simplify expressions like 3a+6a, 2x+3y−a+2y, a²−a+2a²+3a+ab
Solve simple linear equations

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