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About Algebra Nation

Algebra Nation is a free online resource with video lessons, exercises, study guides, based on Florida standards. It’s meant to help students like you review all the skills needed to succeed in your algebra class and on the Algebra End-of Course exam.

Algebra Nation is available online and on iPhones and Android phones. The interactive videos help students review material they learn in the classroom, any time of day, or on the weekends.

Algebra Nation Review

Developed by the University of Florida and an educational technology company called Study Edge, Algebra Nation combines video lessons accessible by website or a smartphone app with a workbook as a complement to a student’s algebra one lessons at school. Available to all MCPSS students taking algebra one, it provides a virtual tutor who can augment each day’s lesson and reinforce it at home. Students can actually watch that tutor work through the concepts until they understand them.

Algebra Nation is an easy-to-use online resource, featuring energetic Study Experts and dynamic algebra teachers throughout Florida. These highly interactive videos are fun ways for you to review the material you learned in the classroom on your own time. Videos come with study guides so you can follow along with the videos easily. There is also a “Test Yourself!” section for each topic, so you can check if you understood the material. The “Test Yourself!” section will also help you get comfortable with computer based testing.

Students, parents and teachers can download, print and/or view study guide packets containing review sheets which link to and reinforce the videos. Tutors and teachers encourage students to pause the videos and try out problems on the guides themselves. Then, the videos explain how to do the problems so students can always check their work.

Algebra Nation also has Algebra Wall: An interactive discussion forum where students can ask and answer questions about the material. Tutors and teachers answer questions and read every post to ensure peer replies are correct. Another good feature is that the Algebra Wall is monitored 24/7 by an algebra tutor. Students can paste questions about homework or other information.

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