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About Aldoo Kids - Preschool Games

Aldoo Kids is a multi-platform app featuring more than 500 learning activities for preschool kids.  As well as covering the usual numbers, letters, and shapes, it also features more creative subjects and general thinking challenges.

Aldoo Kids is available as a free download on iOS and Android devices, or you can access it through any modern web browser.  After a three-day trial on any of these platforms, you have the option to take out a subscription to continue your child’s access to the learning activities.

Aldoo Kids - Preschool Games Review

What is Aldoo Kids - Preschool Games app?

Young kids love to play and, with everything so new to them, they learn as they do so.  Aldoo Kids is full of simple-to-play activities that help lay the foundations for kids’ future learning. 

Kids freely choose which type of activities they wish to play. There is no enforced order of play or locked levels, which suits the target age group well.  The interactions asked of the player are simple taps and drag and drop, which ensure kids can easily engage with the minigames and develop hand-eye coordination and fine-motor control.

What we love about Aldoo Kids - Preschool Games app.

The first thing that will strike any new user of Aldoo Kids is the striking presentation. The app’s graphics are vivid but not garish.  The colours are well-chosen to work well together and ensure that everything on the screen is clear.

Apps and web apps each have their advantages, but having the choice is always good.  Most preschool apps are bound to an app, but Aldoo Kids also provides a web app containing all the content at the same level of quality found in the app versions.  It ensures that your kids can easily access their learning material whatever devices are available to them.

The games are well-designed to encourage kids to play through them and learn as they have a very gentle learning curve starting from the basics. There is no pressure and no sense of jeopardy in the games leaving kids to explore and experiment without stress.

What skills does it improve?

Aldoo Kids has content covering recognition of numbers and letters, shapes, music, art, puzzles, creativity and more.  At the time of this review, Aldoo Kids has over 500 activities included in these topics and promises it will regularly add more.

What age is it appropriate for?

The activities and style of the games in Aldoo Kids are perfect for preschool kids. 

Is Aldoo Kids - Preschool Games app easy to use?

Activities in the app that might require a little clarification show the user what to do with a moving hand icon.  As young kids won’t have the literacy skills to read instructions, this is a welcome addition, as is the option to turn it off if kids don’t need it and find it distracting.

How will students benefit?

With so many different games covering different topics, kids will always have something new to discover.  Speech is not especially prevalent in the app compared to others of a similar type but is employed where it helps kids learn, such as in number and letter identification.

How will teachers benefit?

While this app’s primary audience is preschool kids, it could still be a useful tool for teachers.  As the activities are untimed and compatible with multiple devices, they would be ideal for a teacher to use in front of class teaching for school-age kids who still need assistance in number and letter recognition.

How will parents benefit?

The activities in the app are unpressured and let kids work through them at a pace of their choosing.  This relaxed and playful approach makes it a great focus for parent-supported learning.  Parents will enjoy sharing time with their kids and reinforcing the learning points raised in the activities.

What can Aldoo Kids - Preschool Games app improve on?

Users of the web app will have different experiences depending on the speed of their internet connection.  This is not a criticism, front-loading all of the content  would take too long to get the player to a game, so loading the activities on demand makes sense.  It is, however, something parents should be aware of if they have an unreliable connection or their child is impatient.

The app versions store previously accessed material to provide a quicker startup the next time players want it.

There are also a couple of minor areas for improvement:

The app sometimes uses graphics to enhance the games’ themes that appear as if they should be interactive—for example, levers on the letters games.  When such items don’t do anything, it can feel disappointing or frustrating for some kids.

No doubt to increase loading speeds, the app economises on its graphics by reversing them to show, for example, a car from both sides.  This is a tried and trusted technique, but it falls down if there are elements where the reversal doesn’t work.  Occasionally, the app reverses graphics incorporating question marks resulting in them appearing backwards.  It could confuse kids who see them miswritten this way.

How much does Aldoo Kids - Preschool Games app cost?

The Aldoo Kids apps are free to download, and you can view all of the content during a three-day free trial.  This period is a little shorter than the typical seven days, but is still plenty for you to assess the app.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

If your child enjoys Aldoo Kids and you feel it is helping them to learn, you can continue full access to its content by taking out a subscription.  There is a monthly option for those who want flexibility and a yearly option for the lowest overall price.

Users of Apple devices who sign up to Aldoo Kids using their AppleID can use Family Sharing to share the app subscription across up to six devices.

Is Aldoo Kids app safe to use?

Advertisements are not present in the app on any platform, whether outside of subscription or during the free trial.

The app has a ‘Recommend’ button for parents to let other contacts know about Aldoo Kids.  This is behind a parental lock that asks users to enter their year of birth using a dial-style interaction.  Check this out for yourself and decide whether your kids could 'solve' it.  The consequences of bypassing it will depend upon the contacts on the app and the communication apps installed.

Overall rating of the app.

Aldoo Kids distinguishes itself from many of its competitors in the preschool learning app space with its multi-device compatibility, superb presentation, and broad topic coverage.   You won’t be taking a risk if you decide to try this out with your kids as the three-day free trial of Aldoo Kids is ample time to try it out.  Pick a weekend when you and your kids can really make the most of the trial and give it a go.

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Safe digital world for your kids to learn, grow and have loads of fun. Discover huge collection of educational ad-free activities and master numbers, shapes, colors, sorting, sense of scale, music and much more. Join Pat, Tom and their friends around beautiful vistas and have heroic challenges. Enjoy the full learning experience with 500+ premium games!

The world of Aldoo Kids contains high quality crafted kids games designed with special attention to details, developed in cooperation with educational experts. Engaging digital environment where kids learn preschool concepts and numerous skills while having fun through exciting games.

Provides productive screen time and keeps your toddlers occupied with various educational content and hand-eye coordination by playing effortlessly through tons of content organized in preschool skill specific modules:

Let your kid enjoy bunch of entertaining games and develop sense of shapes and proportions - learn how to sort and classify by shapes, reconstruct by matching object outlines, match shapes and colors with multiple patterns. The module improves memory and concentration, helps your toddler associate shapes and numbers.

An effortlessly engaging way to introduce counting to your kids. Learn to how to count to 20 by matching objects and colors, matching object outlines and have loads of fun while exploring the beautiful world of Aldoo Kids.

Develop your kids creativity and sense of scale. Introduce drawing in intuitive and interactive way. Get to know colors and shapes and let your child be the artist in Aldoo Kids universe.

Learn the alphabet with Cosmo Cat. Explore our ABC Galaxy and join our World Puzzle Mission by matching object outlines and associating letters with words. Help your kid building communication skills with amusing preschool content.

Explore lots animal species, beautiful vistas and entertaining environments by reconstructing visuals by matching object outlines.

Our priority is to provide a completely safe and secure environment for your toddlers. There is no third-party advertising, so your little ones can enjoy learning and playing without interruption.

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