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Aki the monkey teaches values - Sharing

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About Aki the monkey teaches values - Sharing

Aki the Monkey is an interactive story book has been created to help you teaching the important values of sharing and generosity to your young children. The app will help your child to consider their relationship to other people and how they feel about letting others use their things by following along with Aki the Monkey. The reader's own decisions in this interactive story influence how Aki and the other characters respond in the story.

Teacher Review

Aki the Monkey teaches values - Sharing, is at its best when used by a parent and child together or, possibly as when read by a teacher to a class.  In this latter case, discussing the children's thoughts could make for an enjoyable and useful lesson on how to consider the feelings of others and help to promote class-wide co-operation.

As well as providing the story for children to follow, the app includes guidance for adults too.  This isn't just an exercise in stating the obvious.  The guidance provides good ideas for taking further what the children learn in the app.  It also provides a useful guide to understanding a child's perspective to the ownership and sharing of their own property.  This is flagged up with a lightbulb in the appropriate section of the story to remind parents.

The text that accompanies each picture is sharp and a good size to read on each device relative to the screen size.  The text is centre-justified which does look nice but is a non-typical way of reading that some people find annoying and can be off-putting for children.  An option to align it to the left would be welcome.

The artwork accompanying the story is very nicely drawn.  The backgrounds create a lovely setting for this type of story and the characters are appealing.  Their emotions are communicated well to the reader which helps the app's learning objective.  

A very nice touch, indicative of the app's focus on its learning goal, is that parents or children can incorporate photographs of their children's own possessions into the pictures using the device's camera.  As the app points out, this can help children to identify with the motivation of Aki in the story and consider how they would approach a similar situation.  There is one further option to help children to identify closely with the story:  they can select whether Aki is a boy or girl.

The interactive element of this book, and what makes it something other than a real book in electronic form, is its branching at certain points in the story.  The reader can pick which option is taken whenever Aki needs to make a decision about whether to share or not.  The result of the decision is shown on the next page.  It is here where children see the consequences of the decision on the feelings of others and on Aki too.

Whatever option is chosen, it is easy to go back and see how the route not taken would have played out.  This creates a great opportunity for discussions, thinking, and applying the events in the story to the reader's own life. It can also be highlighted that real life does not always allow the luxury of taking back a person's less generous decisions.

If you're used to other interactive eBooks in app form, you might notice the omission of a narrator.  A few years ago, this was not so common and, of course, a narrator is not essential to enjoy a real book - this app involves the parent more than many others after all.  However, the ubiquity of a narrator in other similar apps does highlight that it is missing in this one.

The story in this app is an ideal way of prompting children to think about their actions.  Its consideration of children's perspectives and the relation of this to adults will give further thought to anyone who uses it. It isn't quite as feature-packed as other interactive book apps but its strong core goes a good way to making up for this and makes it an app that has a place in a classroom app library or for parent-child bedtime reading.

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  • Aki the monkey teaches values - SharingAki the monkey teaches values - SharingAki the monkey teaches values - SharingAki the monkey teaches values - SharingAki the monkey teaches values - Sharing


Aki the Monkey is an interactive story book has been created to help you teaching the important values of sharing and generosity to your young children. The application's pioneering and fun features will permit a valuable and successful learning experience!

If you want your children to be more generous, download our story book and start teaching them now!

You will find in this application :

- An interactive story to read to your young child, with cute illustrations of our hero, Aki the little monkey.

- Points in the story where your child will have to choose what our hero, Aki the little monkey, should do in given situations.
These choices will be between two behaviors : one corresponding to an attitude of sharing or being generous, and one corresponding to an attitude of non sharing.
Your child will be able to see immediately the effects of her/his choices so she/he can understand what behaviors generate happy situations, and what behaviors don't.
With this interactivity your child will feel involved and will be actively participating, which is a key factor for successful learning activities.
The story will change based on your child's choices, making the story different each time you read it.
Hopefully, when you read the story again to your child, she/he will make more generous choices, and ultimately be more generous in the real life.
And when she/he is not, maybe you can ask her/him : "What would Aki the monkey do?" to make her/him think again and hopefully change her/his mind!

- A version for boys and a version for girls.
By selecting the sex of your child when starting the story, our hero will become either a boy or a girl to match the sex of your child.
The illustrations and the texts will change accordingly.
The purpose here again is for your child to feel more involved for a more effective learning experience.

- A function where you can take pictures of toys actually belonging to your child to have them appearing inside the story.
These pictures will then replace the default illustrations in some pages.
It will make your child feel even more involved and active when she/he sees her/his own toys inside the story!

- A section for you, parents, containing useful information to help you in teaching your child to be a generous person.

- "Tip" buttons in some pages of the story permitting you to access explanation about a technique, used in that page, to help you in making your child more generous.

- An evaluation of the level of generosity based on the choices made.
It will motivate your child to read the story again later in order to achieve a better result and self evaluate her/his level of generosity.

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