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Rating Airport City - 4 out of 5 - Good Rating 4.0

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  • age 16+
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About Airport City

Airport City is a fine city building game. As usual, these games are not everybody’s cup of tea. You can never really win; just check in every day and watch your city grow over time. But that’s pretty fun, especially when you throw airplanes into the mix. 

Airport City Review

At the beginning of Airport City, there is a tutorial that will teach you all of the basics you need to know to be able to run a successful airport. I think this is a very nice touch for a free-to-play game, or for any game for that matter. You do not have the feeling that you are left on your own and after you complete the tutorial, you get the feeling that you can now play the game and unlock all of its features. There are a lot of buttons on the sides, top and bottom of your screen but the game field still remains clearly visible. Every button and option works smoothly, and once you click on it you will see a little bit of information of where you are at the moment. (For example, if you click on the crate button, you will be at your inventory and a small line of text will tell you that in this window you can see everything you have in your inventory).

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If you wish to compare your airport city with your friends or other players around the world, and compete to have the best and biggest airport in the world, you can connect with your Facebook or sign in with your Game Insight account to do so. I think this is a very nice touch because I like games where I can challenge my friends and other players.

Another very nice aspect about Airport City is that I did not face any advertisements in my many hours of gameplay. This could have been due to the fact that my internet connection wasn’t that good at the time of me playing the game, but if it wasn’t, then I believe the developers did a very good job. Having advertisements in a game such as Airport City could have been very obstructive because in the game itself, you use all of your screen.

I only experienced two negative aspects about Airport City, and while they are not that bad, I can still imagine that some players will be turned off by them. The first negative aspect is that players get limited by fuel usage. Once you are out of fuel, you need to wait a couple of minutes for one fuel barrel to replenish. While this is not a problem if you have enough patience, it is still pretty annoying that you cannot play the game as you want to, whenever you want to.

Of course you can spend Airport Cash to replenish your fuel stock right away, which is also my second negative aspect about Airport City. I totally understand that the developers of free-to-play games need to generate an income, but they should not do this by putting a price tag of premium currency, on many buildings and objects in the game. You can barely earn Airport Cash by playing the game so this means you will have to spend real money on the game in order to purchase some of the more exclusive items.

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