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About Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post is an app that lets you create totally customized visual designs in a matter of seconds or minutes. The app offers you a wide variety of pre-defined designs that cover different topics (i.e. travelling, food, work) that you can customize to your preferences with just a few clicks.


Adobe Spark Post Review

Free as an app on iOS and available as part of the Adobe Spark suite on, the app enables you to combine text and images to create beautiful original masterpieces that look visually stunning.

Spark Post should be a bit more familiar to the average user. With it, you can take images and overlay text for use as a flyer for a store or social media. Post is easy to use, but almost endlessly powerful. You can choose from several different fonts, and use your own images — or search for one under a Creative Commons license. It even knows the preferred graphic size for social mediums like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

How Does It Work?

Adobe Spark Post couldn’t be easier to use. When students are ready to create their image, they just tap the big plus sign at the bottom and choose a background style. Students are able to use solid backgrounds, images they have in their photo library, take a photo directly in the app, or they can search the free Public Domain photos that the app already has available (not recommended due to potential lack of image filtering).

Students then choose the style of image they would like to use by scrolling along the different options (social posts, social profiles, or standard). Once students have selected a size, they tap the Done button and will be immediately taken to the text editor. 

Double tap the text and type in the quote or message that you would like to appear first. When that text is selected, different tools will appear across the bottom of the screen. 

Students can change the font, the color and opacity of the text, the shape and alignment of the text, and the spacing of the text. Experiment with those buttons and see what they do :).Adobe Post Text EditorDrag the bubbles on the corners of the text to resize the text box. If students wish to change the number of lines the text is on, double tap on the text box, move the cursor to the desired break, and tap return. That will move some of the text to a new line.

Spark Post images can be animated. Once students have finished editing the text, tap on the Animation option to see all the options for animating text. Even if an animation is selected, it can always be changed or removed.

When students are ready to share the Post, they tap the share button in the top right. The share options include saving to camera roll and sharing to apps such as Google Drive, Google Classroom, and more.

Adobe Spark Post is an excellent image editing app that helps you create beautiful designs in a matter of seconds. A tool that’s especially useful for community managers and people who upload images to different social networks in general. Advanced design students likely will need more functionality, but this platform isn't really designed for them -- they'll want to check out the Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Sketchbook, or Procreate.

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Android, iPad, iPhone





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You can download Adobe Spark Post on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Adobe Spark Post app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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